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I Want to Knit
Monday, February 28, 2005
Lots to do
I just got back from my knitting class (ok, I stopped for a few errands on the way home). I only cast on and did a few rows of the blue charity sweater, but it felt so good to knit again. I haven't done anything since finishing the black and pink Snazzy Jacket Thursday night. Friday we had dinner and the movie so got home too late, Saturday I worked and then while my dad and brother and other male family and friends played poker, the respective wives/girlfriends all went to see Sideways and then for dinner. Again I got home too late to knit. And yesterday after brunch with Yannick and my friend Debbie who'd slept over Saturday night, Yannick and I cleaned the house. Until 8pm. Ugh. By that point I was so exhausted that I couldn't even bring myself to lift the needles. I did read a few knitting mags though, during commercials of "The World's Pizza Challenge" pizza cook-off. Hey, I already said Food Network is my favorite channel.

In any case, my lack of knitting lately will be more than made up for today, since my plan from now until supper time is to do nothing but knit! I'm going to put aside the charity sweater just for a few days to work on the latest sweaters for the pet accessories store. Hopefully I'll have something to post with a pic later.
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Saturday, February 26, 2005
Ask and ye shall receive!
Wow! I'm so thrilled that people actually answered my call for comments on the RAOK board! Thanks guys!

To Gina: thanks for the kind words! Sam's actually pretty laid back, so I knew he wouldn't mind the coat. I was more worried he wouldn't sit still long enough for me to take the picture.

To Mar: I think the coat is adorable too. It's one of my favorites of the ones I sell. If your daughter ever wants one, the pattern is the Snazzy Jacket with Faux Fur from The Gift Knitter by Tara Jon Manning. (And yes, I have the publisher's permission to sell items I hand-knit from the book's patterns.)

To itgirl (Rebecca): As I mentioned to Gina, Sam is REALLY laid back. Even when we had Yannick's 4 nephews sleep over (all under 8 years old) they were carrying him around and lying on him, and he just sat there and took it. Plus his front claws are declawed, so I didn't have to worry all that much. :) Thank you for mentioning the socks I'm knitting. They're my first attempt at lace knitting, and my first time working from a chart. Not my first socks though. They're the ones labeled "24" in this pic:

and they're from this book:

which I really love and really recommend. There are 31 patterns in here! 22 for socks, 5 kids' sweaters, 2 womens' and 2 men's, all really nice (except that they're worked in sock yarn so they take forever lol).

To Jenifer: I'm glad Sam sat still for the pic, although I don't think pink is really his color. I think the jacket will look much better on the Maltese/Bichon Frise it was made for! I'm glad to know I didn't miss an issue of knit.1 though. I really like some of the patterns! There is a sweatshirt in the first one I can't wait to make, plus a whole bunch of other things. I'm looking forwards to the next issue.

To Julie: thanks! I'm glad you like the coat, and when I do have kids one day and torture them, I'll explain to the authorities that you said it was ok. ;) "But officer, I had permission...." LOL Although I can't wait to have kids so I can knit for them one day.

To Chelsea: I will be going to swipe that button tomorrow, I'll do anything if it will encourage people to comment! I upkeep this blog for myself but it's nice to know if anyone actually reads it! And Sam wants to thank you for calling him a "kitten". He'll be 5 April 1st but is really flattered you think he still looks young. I'm not kidding, he's actually preening in the mirror as I type this. :)

To kmckiernan (Keri): Thank you for coming by and posting! (And I won't tell Sam you called him a girl. His ego is fragile- see above comment to Chelsea) :)

A big thank you to you all for posting, and to anyone else who comes by and drops me a line, I promise to write a little something back. I really appreciate this!

As for today, some minor knitting content. I dropped off the jacket at the pet accessories store. They liked it, but I was disappointed to find out the two other custom ones I made didn't fit the intended dogs. I know I triple-checked my work, even to the point of rolling up towels to the required diameters to check the fit, so I doubt it's my work. Either I was given the wrong measurements, or the woman tried them on the wrong dog (I made 2 different sizes) or I don't know what's wrong, but it bugs me. Anyways, I sold the jacket and got orders for 2 more. These won't be custom, just for stock. 1 is an Aran so I'll get to practice my cables, and the other has a kangaroo pocket and some chain-stitch embroidery, so I'll get to work on my lettering skills.

Now off to bed 'cus we went to see the late show of Constantine but I still work tomorrow. The movie was great btw, really, really enjoyed it. Oh, and if anyone goes to see it, stay until the end of the credits, there's a little bit more coming.

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Thursday, February 24, 2005
Snazzy Jacket the Second Complete!
I was back at work today, that gastro thing really is only 24 hrs (thank God!). Didn't do any knitting at work but on my lunch and dinner hours I did catch up on reading some knitting mags I'd bought previously. Read the latest knit.1, Knitters and Creative Knitting. I have to say, of the 3 I really preferred knit.1. And while I am under 30, I'm not the hip, urban, New Yawk type who seem to be the target audience. I just honestly think that off the patterns in each mag, I prefer those and would actually make them. I'm not into ponchos and can crochet an afghan much faster than knit, and the patterns in Knitters are just boring! I've seen the same things everywhere else but with more pizzazz.

No, much as the covers throw me 'cus they try so hard to be "raw" and "edgy", I really enjoy knit.1. I hope I remember to buy it each season. I just realized I'm missing the Winter one. I have Fall 2004 (the premier issue) and the Spring 2005. If anyone out there has a copy of the Winter 2004 issue please let me know? I'd love to buy it from you!

Now for the FO. I worked on it during CSI and Without a Trace and even had time to make up my little labels. I'm so glad I'd bought a grommet tool through Crafter's Choice a few months ago, it really gives the labels a bit of a polish. So now the Snazzy jacket is officially finished and ready to deliver tomorrow. Commission date to delivery date = 1 week. Not too bad, I think.

I love this pattern! It works up fast, it's not difficult, and it's so cute! Plus you can customize the buttons and "fur" to make it really unique.

Here is the finished jacket:

I loved how it turned out, but really wanted to see it on a model. I knew it wouldn't fit Yannick, so I turned to the next best thing. Oh yes. Sam.

Tee hee hee



Can't you just tell I've scarred him for life? He's trying to uphold his masculine dignity, but really, who can be dignified in hot pink fun fur? I know. He'll be in therapy by his teens. God help me when I have real kids to torture!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Another sick day, yet strangely productive
Well guess who woke up with that gastro this morning? Yup. Moi. My father is so thrilled. I bet he can't wait for the next time I get together with B and the kids. Maybe I'll come back with the plague!

In any case, once I made it past the every-10-minute bathroom runs (again, no pun intended) I managed a bit of knitting. Ok, a lot of knitting. I was able to finish my cast on and do the ENTIRE headband! I'm kinda impressed with myself. This was my first two-handed fair isle attempt ever, and while I can't say it felt totally natural, I do think it turned out quite good. No obvious puckering or pulling in, and you really can't see a difference in tension from one color to the next.

the lovely outside with the pale blue snowflake pattern on the charcoal background

the lovely inside with all the floats.

The curly-looking borders around the snowflake design are 12 row stockinette sections that will be later turned to the inside against a purl turning row and then grafted together to make a band that hides the floats. That's why the provisional cast on was used and instead of binding off I slipped the sts to waste yarn for now. I might press it before I graft to make it lie more flat.

Now I'm off to bed, thankful this gastro thing only lasts one day, even though tomorrow is my long day at work.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
I'll never be allowed to see B again
Ugh. After knocking on wood that we would somehow escape the gastro that was passed around all weekend, Yannick calls me today to tell me he's heading home at lunch time, sick. Poor thing has been in bed all day except for the bathroom runs. (OMG no pun intended!) And of course, ever since he mentions that he's sick, now I've had stomach cramps all day. Luckily not sick yet *knocking on more wood* but I'll wait and see how tomorrow goes.

I got a minor bit of knitting-related stuff done tonight. I started casting on for my fair isle headband. I'm doing my first-ever provisional cast on using cotton waste yarn which will later be unravelled to leave live stitches so I can graft the back (inside) of the headband closed to hide all the floats on the inside. It'll make sense later, I promise.

The snowflake design I'm doing is 20 sts wide, but I want a few sts between so the snowflakes don't touch, so I decided on 3 sts between each. After measuring my little swatch I found out that 23 sts is 4.5" wide. Measuring around my head on the diagonal (like I would wear a headband) gives me roughly 22"-23". I want to make this headband snug so it stays on, but I also know that my first attempt at fair isle will probably pull in quite a bit. I decided to chain 115 sts with the waste yarn (4.5"/repeat x 5 repeats = 22.5", 23 sts/repeat x 5 repeats = 115 sts). This chain is rediculously long. It wraps around my head more than once. I know it's loose though. If I do only 4 repeats of the pattern which is a total of 92 sts, it gives me a finished diameter of 18". I don't know if that's too snug. I can also adjust at will by doing more or less sts between each repeat.

This is what I've done so far. The bright yellow (that doesn't look yellow here) is my waste yarn, the charcoal color is the main color I'm picking up the sts in.

This is as far as I got tonight because my brother came over to talk about his relationship and I got a bit sidetracked. I think tomorrow I will keep picking up until I have 92 sts, hold it around my head and if it's too small I will try to figure out another multiple of the repeat with a different # of sts between.

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Quick Takes
First, here's the knitting I did last night, everthing under the pink line is new:

I chose to work on the lace sock. It "fit" better with my mood, I wanted something fine and precise. After picking up the sts for turning the heel I did the short rows. I really like this heel technique! It's kinda hard to explain how it looks, basically if you looked at the bottom of the foot, the flap technique goes straight across the back of the heel, even though the heel is curved. The technique I used here actually creates a curve that follows the natural shape of the heel. It looks really good.

I was going to stop the sock and work on something else, but then I got caught up in doing the instep decreases. I had 2 things going on at the same time: on the one hand I had my decrease round followed by 2 plain rounds, which I had to repeat until back to 16 sts on each needle. On the other hand I had my lace chart pattern being worked on the center 2 needles, and had to keep track of which row I was on because my odd rows were the pattern (and it's a 48 row repeat!) and my even rows were just k the ks & yos, p the ps. I didn't want to put it away and try to leave myself a note about "start on row 17 of lace chart but 1 row after the dec row" or something, so I just kept going until I was back at 16 sts and able to relax and just do the foot. Well. I made it to 16 sts/needle at 11:00pm once CSI: Miami was over. So I didn't get to work on anything else, but it was a nice chunk of progress on the sock.

To Beth from the comments: Thank you for your kind words about my family's story. I hesitated on sharing, but needed to be able to explain why I chose the Lakeshore Hospital...even though they killed my uncle last year.

To Jo from the comments: *blushing* Thanks! I knew we were born the same year, didn't I mention it in the email I sent you? I didn't know you read my blog...mainly 'cus you never replied to my email LOL. At the time when I made that post about adding entries stuff was wrong, mainly my relationship, but has since been resolved. Which is why I was able to go back and start posting again.

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Monday, February 21, 2005
Why I want to knit items for the Lakeshore General Hospital even though they've screwed up big on people I know- a long and personal essay by Jennifer
In Montreal's south-west region is the body of water known as Lac Sainte-Louis. This innocent-seeming water mass harbors a deadly secret: below its calm surface is a series of sharp, pointed rocks, which become a hazard each time the tide-level goes down. A nearby yacht club used to put out buoys to warn people of the danger, but were ordered by the city to remove them, being told that the lake was not private property. Thus, there were no warnings, and in early May 1977, a water-skier almost lost his legs on those rocks. This is not his story.

This is Betti's story.

This story takes place a few weeks later, on May 21st 1977. Betti and Mitchell had been married for just under two years, and Betti was about 5 months pregnant. They decided to spend a nice day out on the water to celebrate Mitchell's 26th birthday, and invited Jack, Betti's father, along. The three of them went out near the Lord Redding Yacht club on Jack's 17-foot motorboat.

They had a good time together, and later on in the day they returned to land to re-fuel the boat. They were unaware that the tide level had dropped in the time since they were out in open water. Betti was on the deck of the boat, a foolish thing to do in her condition. They went back out on the water, and that's when disaster struck.

Jack's motorboat hit some rocks, and Betti fell off the boat. She landed face-up on the jagged, pointy edge of a cluster of rocks. The rocks ripped 3 holes right through her back, the resulting cavity was so deep you could have placed a football into her body and it would have stayed. Frantically Jack tried to bring his boat around to rescue his daughter, but there was no time. The boat's super-fast propeller got to Betti before he could, and sliced right through her midsection, tearing her straight through front-to-back, the entire length from her belly button to her side.

Mitchell immediately jumped into the icy-cold water, holding his wife in his arms and using his hands and body to keep her inner organs in place. Thankfully the water was so cold that the wound began to cauterize quickly. A passing boat called an ambulance, and Betti was rushed to the hospital.

What Betti felt the most during her experience in the hospital was her father's desperate sadness. He was sure that in one day he'd managed to kill his daughter and grandchild, and the guilt nearly destroyed the gentle, kind man.

But Betti survived. The doctor's didn't know if she'd walk again, and she knew she'd prove them wrong. Then their attention turned to the baby. Even the doctor's weren't sure what the outcome of Betti's pregnancy would be. She'd had so many tests and procedures during her hospital stay, taken Demerol and had X-rays and 5 blood transfusion...all things normally not recommended during a pregnancy. At that point Betti had been through so much that they didn't want to risk further damage to her or the baby by doing further tests, so they really didn't know if the baby was even still alive after all the trauma. Babies are normally carried in the center of the body, and Betti's entire left side had been ripped open. What were the odds that the baby had avoided being sliced in half?

Betti didn't let herself dwell on "what might be", she had her hands busy working on what was. She was determined to walk normally again and to lift the spirits of her dejected father. She worked hard at her therapy, and the result was one of those magical moments normally reserved for Disney tear-jerkers. One day when Jack went to visit his daughter in the hospital the elevator he was in opened its doors to reveal Betti in her wheelchair, just across the hall. Before his stunned eyes she rose up and walked right into his arms. It was a miracle.

Eventually Betti left the hospital and moved temporarily back home with her parents, so they could give her the detailed care that she needed. She improved continuously without many setbacks until the day she was able to remove her bandages. She took one look at the curvy scar twisting around her body and recoiled in horror. That same day she confronted Mitchell in tears. She was horribly disfigured, she cried, and probably going to have some kind of mutant baby. She told him to leave her, to end their marriage, that he didn't deserve this outcome when he could be with someone else and have a "normal" life.

Mitchell refused. He loved Betti, and knew that what he wanted above all else was a life with her, even with her scars, and even with their child's uncertain future. He promised to stay by her side, and he did.

Today Betti and Mitchell have been married for almost 30 years. Mitchell is an optician with a thriving 30-year business, and Betti has been a teacher for over 25 years. With 2 daughters, 2 sons and a dog, the couldn't have anything closer to a "normal" life.

And the baby Betti carried during her terrible accident?

That was me.

This is why when chosing somewhere to donate knitted items to, I chose the Lakeshore General Hospital. If they didn't save my mom's life, she wouldn't be here. If saved her but not me, I wouldn't be here. If they'd saved me but not her, I wouldn't have a mother. And if they hadn't saved her, I wouldn't have my 2 younger brothers or my younger sister.

The Lakeshore General Hospital saved my family. That's why I want to help them.
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This morning it took me 1 hour to get to my LYS for my class, a trip that normally takes 15 minutes. There is so much blowing snow out there that traffic is unbelievable.

I learned how to do the cast off with the sewing needle! It took me a few tries with waste yarn because I kept forgetting to catch the other side of one of the sts, but once I tried it with the actually knitting yarn I got it right away.

They had the buttons I was missing too, the paw print ones that I thought were on back order. So I bought some of those for the commissioned jacket. I also bought a pattern for a big felted bag from Fiber Trends and the charcoal colored Lopi to make it. I'm going to use it to replace my knitting bag once it's done because my bag is getting a bit small, plus has no pockets. I'm going to make the bag in all charcoal but instead of leaving the side pockets and top open I'm going to buy bright neon colored zippers like hot pink or lime and insert those. I'm also going to take the two end pockets that are about as high as a ruler but only about 4" wide, and follow the pattern but bind off halfway through and start over. I'll get much more use out of 4 4" square pockets than 2 long pockets. I don't use straight needles, and don't really have anything that I can put in those. The smaller pockets will be much more practical, and I'll be able to incorporate more colors in zippers.

Now I'm back from the LYS and just spent almost 2 hours updating my blog and going through each day since Friday the 11th, so I'm going to take a well-deserved lunch break, then settle down in front of a nice fire with my knitting. My goal for today is to either finish the jacket and start my fair isle headband, or leave the jacket for tomorrow since it was only commissioned Friday and I'm well ahead of schedule, and instead start one of the sweaters I'll be donating to the Lakeshore Hospital. I think I'll do that one.

I decided to do some knitting for charity this year besides all the gifts and stuff. I chose the Lakeshore Hospital because even though they screwed up on my Uncle Mel and he's no longer with us, and they screwed up Yannick's back twice and he finally had to go see a real surgery professional, the hospital did save my family. I don't know how to make the long story short so I'll make a separate post in a minute to explain why I want to help them. Anyways, when I contacted the hospital to find out where they might need knits more, they said they were really in need of items for their gift shop. They provided me with the yarn and the patterns, and told me they have all the buttons I'd ever need too. So I'd really like to get at least one item for them underway.
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Australian TV
To Shell from the comments:
When Aaron was in Australia he was staying in Adelaide, and decided he needed a job for while he was there. Well, next thing you know he got a job at a restaurant...which just happened to be on TV as a reality show! It was called My Restaurant Rules and we were told that at least once in every episode he was seen 'cus he was the only "Canadian Guy" there. I believe Adelaide's restaurant came in third of the 5. I know the show just started its next season. It's sad 'cus we were never able to watch the episodes here so we will never be able to see his experience, but it's cool just the same.

He also went to Melbourne from time to time during the year 'cus we apparently have family there so he'd go stay with them for a long weekend or something.

And thank you so much for your sweet comment on my knitting and my blog. It's hard to believe anyone reads it, much less enjoys reading it, so that really touched me. Thank you!
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Sunday, February 20, 2005
Sunday (after the fact)
(actually being posted on Feb 21 'cus I was too busy/lazy to post on time)

While everyone else either went skiing or to play in the snow, I spent most of the day by the fire knitting. I had also brought with my pattern and the yarns to make the next commissioned item for the pet accessories store, and was able to start working on it. They wanted this: but with a pink trim and made to measure.

I had a lot of fun knitting it because Nicholas (the 2nd oldest) sat with me almost the entire time, clicking my row counter for me and telling me how good of a knitter I was. *grin* Gotta love kids!

I was able to finish the entire back and since I had pins in my "toolkit" I found a large towel and wet the piece, blocking it out to dry. Since I'd forgotten the sock pattern I had no knitting to keep me occupied while waiting for the jacket to dry, and I don't ski. So what could I do to keep myself busy until dinner time? Why relax in the spa of course!

Yannick's parents have an outdoor hot tub/jacuzzi thing (what is the difference anyways?) that seats like 8 people. So for about two hours I relaxed in there, first with B and all 4 boys, then the younger two went to take baths, then Yannick joined us. It was fun with the kids in there 'cus we kept telling them we didn't believe they had the guts to go out and jump in the snow, roll around and come back in the spa. And they'd do it to prove they could. Then they'd freak out 'cus your body gets all tingly and stings from the contrast of cold to hot. I wouldn't do it, but I did keep grabbing a handful of snow and squeezing it really tight in my hands, then putting my hands under water to get the same effect. Eventually the other 2 boys left and it was just me, B and Yannick, so we turned off the jets and bubbles and just RELAXED. There was snow all around us, it was -27 outside, steam rising up everywhere and we were soooooooo warm. And briefly at the end for like 5 minutes B went in to shower so it was just me & Yannick and it was so nice just to veg there together.

After supper we drove home and I found a message on my answering machine from Nicole (my knitting teacher) saying to prepare a 1x1 rib swatch so tomorrow we could learn how to cast off with a needle (kitchener or grafting cast off). Plus I'd wanted to finish the back of the jacket at least by the end of the night. So I got to work. While watching MythBusters (I also like Discovery Channel) I picked up all the way around the jacket with hot pink fun fur, and somewhere during one of the rounds of knitting Yannick went up to bed. I watched more of the Food Network while knitting away, finishing and binding off the fun fur trim. I did my swatch with some leftover Sirdar Snuggly I had from the crocheted baby onesie/booties set, and was ready for bed by midnight. I was sad to go up to bed 'cus the Iron Chef America had just gotten underway, but my eyes were closing and I knew I couldn't sleep in tomorrow because I had my class.

At least I finished the back of the jacket! Now I just need to pick up the sts for the bellyband, knit it to length in st st and sew on the buttons. You can't tell from this picture, but the pink really is a "hot pink" and the contrast between it and the black is really striking.

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Saturday, February 19, 2005
Saturday (after the fact)
(actually being posted on Feb 21 'cus I was too busy/lazy to post on time)

Saturday I worked all day, then got home and rushed to throw stuff into a bag 'cus we were leaving to drive up north to go spend the night at Yannick's parents' place. I was a little upset 'cus I really wanted to get some knitting done, but it was already dark out and I knew I wouldn't be able to see. Then I remembered a little something I'd picked up on ebay a year or so ago when I was doing a lot of cross stitch in very low lighting conditions....

So there I was, riding along on our way up north through nasty blowing snow and 0 visability...wearing this on my head:

I don't think I could have been any more attractive! (Especially since it left a nice square red mark on my forehead the rest of the night!).

Because I'd prepared I was able to knit away on my sock during the car ride. I finished the 32 rows for the heel (remarking often to Yannick about how much I loved the reinforced heel- he kept nodding and saying "I know, you told me already") and then was ready to move on to turning the heel. I got out my pattern and- Wait! Where's my pattern? I'm on my way up north for a whole day and deliberately brought the sock so I'd get tons done...where the *&%##*! is my pattern? At home. My pattern was at home where I'd taken it out to fit something else in my bag, and never put it back. And why was this the ONLY pattern I hadn't entered into my Palm? Because I hadn't gotten around to entering the new heel version yet. I'd figured I'd do it then enter it afterwards to be ready for the second sock. So I couldn't do ANYTHING on it!

I was annoyed but luckily we were almost there and once there I had Yannick's 4 nephews to keep me occupied. Or rather, I had avoiding Yannick's 4 nephews to keep me occupied. See, when the all slept over last time a few were sick, and that's when I caught my wonderful virus that screwed me up for a few weeks. This time I arrive to find out they have been passing a gastro back and forth. The baby had it, then when we arrived I found out B (Yannick's sister) and Justin had it, but Matthew and the 2 oldest kids didn't have it yet. Go figure that right away Justin (the one I made the striped sweater for) comes to sit with me and lean on me to look at a toy camera. He's being playful...he's leaning on my thing you know he has his hands over his mouth and B's yelling to Matthew to grab something, ANYTHING for him to puke in. He managed to make it about 5 feet to a bucket. Luckily they were in the middle of renovations so there WAS a bucket. Oy vey.

Of course B and Justin were sick all night, and by morning Matthew had it, and you know I was just picturing my father forbidding me to ever see them again because if I was sick and had to miss work.... *sigh*. No sick here so far. *knock on wood*

The rest of us had a really nice supper together. It was my first time having a...well, in French I think it's called a "raquelette". It's almost like a grill in the middle of the table with a broiler underneath and we each had 2 little triangular "plates" that slide in under the broiler, and you cook your own food like a Chinese fondu. So on top on the grill part we cooked beef, veal, shrimp, scallops, chicken and sausage (it sounds like a lot but picture the meat in cubes about 1.5" square, only 3 cubes of each thing) and then in the plates we'd put little baby onions, baby sweet gherkin pickles, some dried meats and salami and some slices of baby potato, then put a slice or two of cheese over it and let that broil for a while. Or we also had an omelet mixture that we'd pour into the plate and let that cook up and put some cheese on that. It makes for a long meal but it was REALLY good! And that cheese was delicious! We have one of those "raquelette" things at home without the grill part on top so I'm looking forwards to making that for supper one night here.

Then it was off to bed 'cus you just know that 4 boys under 9 will not be sleeping in very late tomorrow!

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Friday, February 18, 2005
Friday, after the fact
(actually being posted on Feb 21 'cus I was too busy/lazy to post on time)

Today was fun! On my lunch break I went over to the pet accessories store to bring in the 2 commissioned dog sweaters. I was very proud of my work, had made them exactly custom to size to fit the dogs' measurements, and had even prepared a little pattern and price list. I gave in the sweaters and she seemed to really like them! She paid me for them and even gave me another order! I went back to work very happy. I've sold the crocheted pig, but this was my first knitting sale, and I got exactly the price I asked for them.

We weren't supposed to be seeing Julie and Rich tonight because we got together (well, with Julie anyways) last Friday, but they called on their way in and asked if we'd like to join them for supper, so we went. I was able to squeeze in a few rows of reinforced heel before leaving, none afterwards 'cus we got home too late.

I LOVE the reinforced heel! When I'd done Yannick's socks I just did stockinette st for the heel, which looks nice but can wear out faster. The reinforced heel is so easy, just doing k1, sl1 for the k row and still purling the p row, but it creates such a nice, almost quilted fabric! I will definately be doing this from now on, all thanks to Nicole (my knitting teacher) who showed it to us on Monday.

And to "Creative Genius?" from the comments (sorry I don't know your name):
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who plays with time! The way I see it, not many people probably read my blog on a daily basis, so I'm not really messing anyone up! :)

And to Michelle from the comments:
Thanks for the cyberhug! It was really appreciated! :]
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playing with time
I probably shouldn't do this, but I'm going to be altering time tomorrow. I'm too far behind in my week to try and sum it all up in one quick post, and if I tried to go in-depth it would be way too long. So, tomorrow night I will be creating one post per day for each day since last Friday, and altering the date-stamp to reflect that day's date, so the posts will appear as if they were posted that day. It might screw up anyone reading this on a regular basis, but everyone else will just get confused when they hit this post. ;p
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Thursday, February 17, 2005
Thursday (after the fact)
(actually being posted on Feb 21 'cus I was too busy/lazy to post on time)

I knit through lunch again today, but I didn't mind so much because it is Thursday and what is Thursday at work? Sushi Thursday! Every Thursday for over a year I've ordered sushi for dinner, for 3 reasons. 1- it's the only night I work late enough to have a supper break, and 2- the place we order from is the Best Sushi I've Ever Eaten and 3- The Most Inexpensive Sushi I've Ever Bought.

I did knit like mad when I got home though, and finished the 2nd Mock Cable dog sweater!

the sweater on the right is the 1st (the bigger one). The 2nd was the smaller one.

Once that was done I quickly knit up a little "scarf" with all of my fun-fur type yarns. I did 15 sts wide (although I later realized I should only have used about 5 sts) and did about an inch of each color. This was to give to the pet accessories store as well so they could choose the accent colors for the Snazzy Jacket w/Faux Fur. Remember? This one: I didn't want to get a call saying "Make it with purple" and then look at the 3 different purples I have wondering which one, so I made up this scarf. Tomorrow I will attach little price-tag labels to each color and letter them A through O, which will correspond with the list I made for myself of which color refers to which skein.

Lastly, I made up 2 quick size/content tags for the sweaters, and I was off to bed. Finally- it was almost 2:00am!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Wednesday (after the fact)
(actually being posted on Feb 21 'cus I was too busy/lazy to post on time)
I worked on the 2nd Mock Cable sweater through lunch again. I knew I wouldn't have a chance to knit tonight.

After work Yannick and I went out for a bit, then stopped at Jack Astor's for supper. I had really wanted to go to the knitting meet-up that was going on near my work tonight, but something came up that I just couldn't miss. In any case, it was late and we were feeling nibbly, so what did we have? C'mon, guess! Nachos! We shared a plate of fajita beef nachos and a plate of calamari. Yum! Ok, I know I have to fit into a dress this summer for his cousin's wedding, and then a bridesmaid's dress this September for my cousin's wedding, but yummy.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Tuesday (after the fact)
(actually being posted on Feb 21 'cus I was too busy/lazy to post on time)

I brought my knitting with me to work and worked on the 2nd Mock Cable sweater all through my lunch hour. That way once I got home I had a "head start". I worked on it all evening too, until around midnight when I went to bed.

That's really all I have to post for Tuesday, 'cus that's all that happened. I got home, I knit, I went to bed.
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Monday, February 14, 2005
Monday (after the fact)
(actually being posted on Feb 21 'cus I was too busy/lazy to post on time)

I went to my knitting class in the morning and learned a new heel technique. The one I'd done on Yannick's socks was a rectangular "flap" heel, and this one comes to more of a triangle at the top, so it makes more of a smooth transition from body to foot of the sock.

When I got home I immediately cast on for the 2nd Mock Cable sweater. I feel so bad, it's been about 3 weeks since these were requested of me. I've been working on them as fast as I can, but being sick for 2 weeks really knocked me out! I'm hoping to bring these to the store no later than Friday because I feel really awful it's taking so long. I managed to do the ribbing and a really good chunk of the body before I had to stop.

In the evening Yannick came home to spend Valentine's Day with me. He brought sushi for supper (another one of my absolute favorites) and we made a fire and ate on the floor in front of it. We had a really wonderful time, just talking and relaxing. He said some things to me, about me and about us, that he has never said to me before. Ever. And we've been together over 6 years. It really was a wonderful night. Finally we went up to bed and I read for a bit from our next book.

Ok, don't laugh but Yannick and I read to each other. Usually me to him, but we occassionaly take turns. It started with a book I'd read that I knew he'd love but I wanted to read it again too, and we've done a couple since. It's nice because we both get to share the story at the same time, and we have similar senses of humor so we really enjoy it. We started a new book tonight, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams. I LOVE science fiction. I also love warped humor. My favorite authors are Isaac Asimov, Phillip K. Dick, Piers Anthony and Douglas Adams. I have a big book, the 5 books of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy all in 1 volume. Yannick and I started it at least 4 years ago. I'd already read it, but I knew he'd enjoy it too, so I started over at the beginning. We're somewhere in the 4th book, I believe. Because of how much he liked that one, I knew he'd enjoy the Dirk Gently books. I think I prefer The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul but I wanted to start at the beginning.

And no, I didn't leave tonight.
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Vegas Scarf sightings!
Sighting 1: The Dallas Hand Knitter's Guild January 2005 newsletter

Sighting 2: The Montreal Knitting Guild January 2005 newsletter

Sighting 3: A few weeks ago my knitting teacher at my LYS told me that people had come in to buy yarn just for making the Vegas scarf.

Sighting 4: The Montreal Knitting Guild February 2005 newsletter announces that Saturday February 19th will be the Vegas Valentine Pizza Party, a day of pizza and knitting so bring your 6 skeins, a die and a coin!

Sighting 5: My knitting teacher at my LYS tells me someone came in for yarn for a scarf, and when she (the teacher) mentioned using a coin and die for randomness, the customer said "Oh yeah, that's Jennifer's Vegas scarf game!"

Sighting 6: I get an email today from Garnet with pictures of her Vegas scarf and the story behind it! I will be putting up a gallery this weekend for the pictures.

:] this is so cool!
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Happy Valentine's Day!

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Sunday, February 13, 2005
Sunday (after the fact)
(actually being posted on Feb 21 'cus I was too busy/lazy to post on time)

I got a whole bunch of knitting done! My Sunday was spent lying around on my parents' bed with my mom, watching her tapes of Joey, Will & Grace and The Apprentice from Thursday night. She read the paper and ate a bagel with butter and candy sprinkles on it (Yes, the sprinkles you put on ice cream. I know. I don't try to understand it any more) and I knitted. The 1st Mock Cable sweater should have been finished had I been strictly following the pattern, but besides making it to a custom fit, the client also wanted sleeves. So I picked up 36 sts around each opening and did 5 rows in 1x1 rib for each sleeve. Then I was free to work on my sock!

By the time The Apprentice finished I had finished 1 full repeat of the lace pattern (48 rows) after my 2 cm of ribbing. The pattern calls for 2 repeats before turning the heel, but I accidentally made my cast on too tight and was afraid it wouldn't fit over my calf, so I'm making shorty socks. That meant I was done!

I would have started my fair isle headband since we learned the 2-handed fair isle technique in class last Monday, but the bag I threw into my overnight bag, which I thought contained my yarn for the headband, actually contained my Vegas Scarf. So I was out of knitting.

It didn't matter though, 'cus Yannick came by around 4:00pm anyways to pick me up and spend the afternoon/evening with me. He'd wanted to take me to see Neverland but it wasn't playing anywhere local any more, so we went to see Hitch. My dilemma: go for dinner then see the late show but risk not being hungry for popcorn, or go to the movie first and have popcorn and risk not being hungry for a real dinner. Choice #2 won. Popcorn is my comfort food. I will gladly give up chocolate for the rest of my life, but popcorn and potato chips will be my true loves forever.

The movie was much better than the reviews I read gave it credit for. Then again, we could have been biased 'cus a feel-good, make-you-smile, everything-works-out-in-the-end, true-love-works-and-relationships-are-worth-working-on kinda movie was exactly what we needed that night. But it was good. And I got my popcorn with lots of butter on it, so I was very happy. Plus, after the movie we went to Chenoy's for supper and I had a plate of nachos so I was really happy. I think the way to my heart really is through my stomach.

Yannick still really wanted me to come home but I still thought it was best to stay at my parents' so I went back, but knew it would probably be the last night.
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Saturday, February 12, 2005
Saturday (after the fact)
(actually being posted on Feb 21 'cus I was too busy/lazy to post on time)

Yannick called during the day and really wanted me to come home tonight. This is the first time I've ever left. I wasn't sure if I could stay, but I told him I'd come home for supper.

I had about an hour and a half to kill after work before the time supper was called for, so I went to another coffee shop (Java U this time) to sit and knit for a bit. I was able to finish the underpanel, and seam it to the back/neck piece.

I don't want to get into the whole Yannick thing too much at this point, because by now (over a week later in reality) things are fixed and working and solid. I'll leave it by saying that when I got home he had a really great supper made special, and we did a lot of talking (and crying) and a lot of things were set forth to change. I didn't know at the time if those changes would actually happen (they since have) but I had faith.

After supper Yannick wanted to work on his knitting swatch because he needed to finish practicing the knit stitch and then learn the purl stitch before he could begin my anniversary gift, so we went downstairs and watched about 3 hours of The Food Network (my favorite channel) while each knitting. I worked on my lace sock because I needed to be ready to turn the heel by Monday's class, and he worked on his swatch. He did 10 knit rows then started on 10 purl rows. He's done about 6 so far. After that I'm going to have him do 10 rows in 1x1 rib then 10 rows in seed stitch, then he'll have practiced all the stitch combinations he'll be using in the little blankie he's making for me.

I ultimately decided it was better for us if I went back to my parents' house to sleep, so I left again, but it was already almost 2:00am so it's not like we didn't spend time together.

Oh, and to Orris from the comments:
Thanks for the Michael's offer. I might take you up on it one day! It's not so bad for my friend to go for me though, 'cus she and her husband drive in to Montreal every Friday night and we see them almost every weekend, so it's not like she's running to the post office to ship things off to me. I get things hand-delivered LOL!
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Friday, February 11, 2005
Friday, after the fact
(actually being posted on Feb 21 'cus I was too busy/lazy to post on time)

I was exhausted because I only got 15 minutes of sleep all night. Yannick got home very late and I'd been worried and the whole anxiety thing kept me up all night. At least I didn't have to worry about him catching me knitting his Valentine's Day mittens though.

After work I was too upset about last night to go right home, so I changed my plans for the evening and went to a local Cafe Depot and tried to get some knitting in before friends came to meet me. I did manage to do 1 repeat on the Mock Cable dog sweater even though it wasn't as much as I would have liked. The evening wasn't a total bust, though, because it had been a long time since I'd played either Liverpool or A$$h0le (card games) so that was fun. I also got to discover that a Soda Europa (Sprite soda with flavored syrups) is pretty good when you mix Banana and Mandarin Orange.

Once the night was over I was still too upset to go home, so I had a friend grab a bag of clothes for me and I stayed at my parents' place. My sister was at a friend's place I stayed in her room. Now I know why she sleeps in until 5pm every day- her bed is SO comfortable! She sleeps on like 9 pillows and under 2 blankets in duvet was like sleeping in a cloud.
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Thursday, February 10, 2005
Hurrying Up
I'm trying to post this very quickly 'cus Yannick should be home from work any minute. I'm rushing to finish the Sweetheart Mittens before either a)Valentine's Day on Monday, or b)Saturday night when we'll be celebrating. That was the only thing I worked on today at lunch and tonight once I got home. I finished the 2 cuffs, and did about 4 rows after joining them. It was a bit fiddly at first, but I joined by doing a 3-needle bind off on 10 sts of each cuff, then continuing from where I was around until I got back to my starting place. Kinda like closing off the middle bar of a figure 8, starting at the middle of one side and going around until starting back at the same middle. It will take a few rows before it loosens up a bit, and I will need to seam a few holes shut after, but I think it will work. Not bad for no pattern, eh?

Oh, and I got a cool call from my friend Julie today! She moved to Brockville and was at the Michael's in Ottawa today. We don't have one here. When I went down in August I'd bought 2 bracelet kits that are 6 mini picture frames that you string together yourself. I put family photos in both and gave one to my mom for her birthday and kept the other. The only problem is that because we are so many in the family, I didn't have room for Yannick in mine! I told Julie that if she were ever to stop by there and see the kits, I would love to have another bracelet so I could put the photos of Yannick and my best friends, so she called me to see which color I wanted. What a great friend! She's even picking me up some crimp beads that I can use for my beaded stitch markers, and even called me back long distance from her cell, just to check the bracelet color. Thanks Julie! I'll make sure I put your picture in first! :)

To Tracy from the comments: Thanks for mentioning the Dogosaurus Rex pattern from Paton's! I hadn't heard of it before, but now it looks like I have another pattern book to order! I thank you. My wallet doesn't! :)

To Alison from the comments: There was absolutely no rush. Thanks again, so much. I'm trying to save the candy for Valentine's Day. It doesn't help that I have it next to the computer right now!

Now I have to jump back into bed and make it look like I've been working on the Mock Cable dog sweater all night. Luckily Yannick doesn't read this blog!

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Dog Sweater Patterns
For Christy from the comments:

I debated replying privately or here, but then I realized that even if you are a Montreal knitter, you really wouldn't hurt my business 'cus you'd knit your own dog sweaters anyways. :)

The pattern you like is from FiberTrends, pattern no. 211x. I believe the pattern sheet is called "Dandy Dog Sweaters" and there are 3 styles to choose from: Beaded Rib, Heart's Rib and Mock Cable. The beaded rib is the previous pink one I showed in my blog, and the mock cable is the one you admire. I tried the heart's rib, but didn't like it as much as the other two.

Hope this helps!
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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
So normally I like to be the one to check the mail. Even if it's just a letter from Reader's Digest (I might already be a winner....), I get excited to see what's arrived.

Today I didn't come home from work right away. I had my dad pick me up to drive me to work (we work together) so I wouldn't be stuck with my car, and that way my boyfriend could come pick me up from work so we could go see my friend's production of "Into The Woods". After the show (which was great btw) we get home and right away I open the mailbox. Empty. Odd, not even junk mail. Then I remember that Yannick went home to shower before picking me up. I asked him if there was any mail today. He says yes. He had a slight smile on his face. We go into the house, and there, right on the kitchen counter, IT is. The manilla-colored bubble mailer with the sweetest 4 letters on the top: RAOK.

My eyes lit up and I could feel the grin spread on my face. I actually exclaimed "it's here!". Yannick started laughing and said he put it right there so it would be the first thing I saw.

(As an aside, we had just been talking about the quartz this morning. I had mentioned that people in the states had gotten theirs already, and he said that maybe customs wouldn't let it through, so that was the note I'd left for work on.)

Inside is the promised piece of quartz, 2 photos that show where the quartz was from (how thoughtful, my very own "certificate of authenticity"), a letter detailing the location, and some candy. Yay!

And who sent me this bright spot to end my day? Alison, from Thank you so much Alison! You don't know how you made my day!

Not only is this my first not-so-random RAOK, but it's the very first anything that comes close to a RAOK I've received since joining this group (not counting those cute ecards that were sent to the group).

Alison, thank you again for taking the time to send out these little packages and for thinking about everyone in the first place to bring back some extra quartz. It's going right into my collection of rough and tumbled stones.

Thank you.
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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Blogging and Beading and Knitting, Oh My!
I'm sorry for not updating sooner, life is so hectic sometimes! You think you have everything under control, then BAM! something comes out of nowhere.

The movie we saw Saturday night, The Terminal, was very cute. I had been afraid it was too much of a love story and was happy to see that it truly wasn't, in the end. I enjoyed it even though I'm not a Tom Hanks fan. Oh, I've seen almost all of his movies, I just don't think he's attractive and won't go out of my way for him.

Sunday was very busy. Frank, my computer guy who was over Wednesday, came back to finalize everything. He was here from around 11:00 to 1:00, then we had to pick up some stuff for my sister from the pharmacy. God forbid she use my mom's hairspray and not the specific Salon Selectives one in the pink container that smells like berries. Or she'll die. Just die. Oh, to be 17 again.

From the pharmacy we were off to my parents' house. Because Aaron came back last night my mom hosted an open house so all the family and friends who hadn't seen him all year could come by. There was so much food, I should have taken a picture. Skor truffle, caramel apple pie, brownies, cookies, coffee cake, cheese cake, millefeuille...and more, and all but 2 or 3 things home-made. Yum! So much for the diet that day! Ah well, it was Superbowl Sunday, who diets on the Day God Created For Snacking?

From my parents' house we were off to Wal-Mart. I decided that I would join the trend and make some beaded stitch markers. I want to keep some for myself, and send some off as RAOKs for the group I'm a member of. I had the small stash I'd taken from my dad Saturday night, but I needed more so we were off to Wal-Mart's beading section. Voila my loot:

I know you can't see all the beads but I wasn't going to start opening all the compartments. But what did I get? The plastic container that has 5 side compartments each with 5 sections, and a top compartment with 5 sections. It spins and the side compartments come off for use. Inside are all the beads I bought plus the ones from my dad. I still need to go through the stash I already had and add any that are pretty enough. To the right is a 3-in-1 tool, needlenose pliers that cut wires, curl little ends and bend for right angles. Below that is a card with 4 types of bead cord- white elastic, 1mm clear stretch, 1mm white stretch and .5mm clear stretch, 4 yards of each. Moving clockwise from that is a card with 6 beading needles and a needle threader, and finally there's a packet of 22 gauge heavy wire in 12 colors (pink, gold, silver, purple, red, mauve, navy, green, dk purple, black, aqua, blue). I wasn't going to buy the wire, I had wanted to buy metal stitch markers to use as the "marker" part of them, but Wal-Mart only had the thick white plastic markers, not exactly what I'd envisioned for my masterpieces. I bought the wire so I could make my own rings to use as stitch markers, plus the bunch of other uses I'm sure I could come up with.

From Wal-Mart we were off to Pat and Gina's for a Superbowl Party. I had a good time, plus Martine had brought her 8 month old daughter so I got plenty of baby-holding time in. She's at the age where she just smiles and coos at everyone, and she has the largest eyes with the darkest lashes I've ever seen. Absolutely adorable. Once she was napping I got some knitting time in, and finished the back of the first of the 2 commissioned pink dog sweaters. I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks and I haven't given them in yet. If only I hadn't gotten sick for 11 days...ugh. I HATE feeling behind schedule.

Monday morning I had my knitting class, and it was lots of fun. We learned how to knit with two colors in two hands, and we'll be making headbands for practice. We were supposed to start with an easy repeat, but I chose the harder snowflake design. I want something I know I'll wear, plus, when have I EVER started with something easy?

While at the LYS I found some black rubber stitch markers, so I'll be using those instead of making my own with wire for the bases of my beaded ones. I'll just have to find another use for the colored wire. Also, while at my class, my teacher Nicole told me she visited my blog...(if you're reading this, Hi Nicole!) She asked for a picture of Yannick so people can know what he looks like. Well, this picture looks a little funny 'cus I cropped out the part where you can tell why he's making a funny face, but I think it's cute. So here's Yannick's debut (I think) on my blog:

Ok, the pic came out a little huge! :) Oh well, the better to see his face.

Where was I? Oh yeah, two color knitting. I took the needle out 'cus I needed it, and 'cus I'd only made a quick swatch to figure out how many repeats I'd need to fit around my head, but if you look close you can see that I did it! I knitted in two colors!

After the class I came home and finished the turtleneck part of the dog sweater. Here's a pic of that too:

I really like the pattern. It looks like a cable, but it's not. At first I was annoyed 'cus I thought, "why don't I just cable so I can take the credit for cabling?" But, this pattern is really easy. It's a 4 row repeat and I'd memorized it after the first one.

Oh, something cool also happened on Monday: I read the Montreal Knitting Guild's February newsletter and found out that on Saturday the 19th they're doing an all-day event just to get together and knit my Vegas scarves! I think that's so cool! I can't go 'cus I only get a few Saturdays off and I'm saving the next one for the lace workshop with Suzanne Atkinson coming up on March 12th, but how neat is that? A bunch of people getting together for the sole purpose of hanging out to knit a pattern I came up with? I feel flattered. I really hope they give me pictures once they're done so I can create a gallery.

Something else cool happened: Yannick came home early enough to watch CSI: Miami with me. :) He's not usually home, so it was nice.

And why did I only get a turtleneck's worth of knitting done yesterday? I spent the afternoon and evening updating my finished items gallery. It's not complete, and I'm starting from the oldest stuff and moving forwards, but if you go take a look you can see some older crafts I've done.

Now for today. After work I raced home to change into pjs 'cus tonights meeting of the Montreal Knitting Guild was a pyjama party. By wearing pjs I was entered in a draw, although I didn't win. We watched a video on how to turn silk "hankies" into silk yarn, and were each given a "hanky" so we could play along. This pic sucks 'cus you can't see the beautiful, glossy, almost opalescent shades of silver, blue, pink, aqua, etc... but you can see the tiny ball I wound of my silk yarn:

I should have included something in for scale. Just trust me when I say it fits perfectly on a Canadian dime. During my drive home I was thinking about what to do with it...I think I'll knit up a tiny heart and use my new colored wire to weave through to hold it will make a cute Valentine's Day pin, no?

And last, but not least, for today's pictures...while at the meeting I managed to finish my mitten. This means mine and Yannick's are both done.

Now I have to start and finish the two-cuffed thumbless mitten by Valentine's Day next Monday (or by this Saturday when we'll be celebrating). I also have to finish the first dog sweater and start and finish the second. Then I have to do about 5" on my lace sock by Monday so I can be ready to turn the heel with the rest of the class. Oh, and I also wanted to have something done on my Fair Isle headband to show in class.

Think I'll make it? Think I'll find time to breathe?
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Saturday, February 05, 2005
He's Baaaaaaack
My brother Aaron is home! It's strange 'cus he's been gone a year. We're four kids, and it's remarkable how quiet the house is when I'd go visit and there would be only the three of us (I don't live at home but I go by often).

We went to the airport after work to pick him up, he looks really good. His hair's shorter, but in that cool faux-hawk (fake mohawk) thing that seems popular on celebrities. He spent more time with his friends and Yannick then with me, but I'm glad he's home. It makes things seem back to normal. And Mike (my other brother) is back too, they'd spent the last week together in LA. And Laura (my sister), lest she feel left out, is home too, as she never left. :)

I took the plunge earlier and committed to a "yes" RSVP on the website for the Montreal Knitting Meetup. I always wanted to go to the West Island one which is closer to my home, but it's on Thursdays at 7pm, and I work until 8 half an hour away. But today I realized that the one in town is on Wednesdays at 7pm, and I work until 6 around the corner. So I could go over early to get a seat and not feel as nervous walking in once people are already there, and it's really, really close to my work. So I RSVP'd that I'd go. I'm nervous, but excited too, since it's my first meetup. I've been to Knitting Guild meetings, but this is more "hanging out".

My dad let me go through his bead collection (yes, he has a bead collection. he was going to have my mom make necklaces and sell them, years ago) and he let me take a whole bunch of beads. So I'll be heading to Wal-Mart tomorrow for rings and will be making stitch markers with them. Maybe even send some as RAOKs...

Now we're going to watch The Terminal and go to bed. 'Night!
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Just a Quick Post
Last night we invited my cousin Jon over for dinner, then we went bowling. Well, it was more like Jon and Yannick bowled, while I sat and knit. I also seemed to entertain a Yugoslavian bowling league that was in the lane right next to us, as they couldn't resist asking me questions and oohing and ahhing. Everyone's first thought was that I was knitting baby clothes, but no, just a simple dog sweater. :)

Now I'm off to work. It's wierd having my dad come pick me up, but since we're going straight to the airport after work, I don't want to have my own car and have the parking hassle. Why are we off to the airport? AARON'S HOME! My younger brother (well, everyone's younger since I'm the oldest of the 4) left exactly 1 year ago this weekend to do a semester of university in Australia. Next thing you know he winds up on a reality TV show, decides to stay there and ends up staying for a whole year. Last weekend my other brother flew down to LA to meet him on his way back, they spent the week together in LA going to show tapings and stuff, and will be arriving back in Montreal tonight. It will be very strange to see Aaron after not seeing him for so long. Everything, all the holidays, birthdays, etc... happened this year without him here.

So I don't know if I'll get a change to blog later, but if not have a great weekend!
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Friday, February 04, 2005
It's All Gone.
My entire Outlook contents. The last 6 years of my life, in contacts and emails. Gone. *poof*

I feel like I'm in mourning. Now I have to call all my friends and ask them to email me so I have their addys again, I have to email all the companies I bought Palm programs from and ask them to re-email my access codes, and I have to forget all the irreplaceable and unretrievable things that are now gone from my life.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005
wip update
I did get a bit of work done while vegging tonight. I couldn't work on the dog sweaters because I still need to modify the pattern and I left it at work by mistake. I would have worked on the Sweetheart Mittens for Yannick's Valentine's Day present, but I've already done so much and still have 11 days, so I thought I'd take a break on that. The other project that needed work was the lace socks for my knitting class. Even though we're working on fair isle in our class this coming Monday, we need to be ready to turn the heel by the following week, so I used the time tonight on the sock.


This is the sock, loose. You can't really see much.

This is the sock slipped over my cordless phone to expand it a bit and show some of the stitch detail. I know you can't see much, but I also only didn't measure it, but the ribbing alone was only 2 cm, and that was 11 rows, and I've only done 10 rows of the lace pattern after that, so this is only roughly 4 cm of sock. I tried slipping it over my water bottle to stretch it further, but it looked really stupid and I was worried it was stretching it too far, because it looked really tight.

Now I'm off to bed, even though it's only 11:30pm and this is really early for me. I'm sure I won't fall asleep until at least 1am 'cus I bring my Palm to bed and I'm usually reading or playing around...but at least if I'm up I'll be able to see Yannick when he gets home later and it will be the first time I've seen him all day, so there's always a bonus, even though I'll be tired tomorrow. :)
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"C" Is For Codeine...
First of all, if you've sent me an email since Tuesday, I'm sorry if I didn't respond. I had opened my Outlook (the old .pst file) and pulled in my "new" mail on Tuesday, 59 emails, but then during the process of trying to reinstall the real .pst file, I overwrote the temporary one and lost those 59 emails. I know most of them were bulk emails from some yahoo groups, but if I missed anything important I'm sorry. I'm deliberatly not opening Outlook now while online so I don't pull in anything new, until my Outlook problems are settled *fingers crossed*.

I worked all day today, the long 9-8 Thursday shift. Normally I look forwards to Thursdays 'cus it's "Sushi Thursday". Not tonight. Because I drove to work I didn't take my first dose of uber-drugged cough syrop (Hycodan) until 10am. So I took my next dose at 2pm, since the bottle says "every 4 hrs, as needed" and I was coughing quite a bit. I guess 1 tsp is too high a dose or every 4 hrs is too much for me, 'cus I ended up extremely dizzy and naseous, right up until now when I got home. That's over 4 hours! And I don't just mean I felt woozy, I couldn't work! I spent every minute since around 3pm rocking back and forth on my chair trying not to puke. I couldn't read, I couldn't do anything. I ordered supper thinking some food would help, and only managed to eat 2 maki pieces, not even whole rolls. And I had to FORCE myself just to eat those two. Luckily my dad understood and didn't complain about me just sitting there all afternoon and evening.

So I got no knitting done, and I don't think I'll do much tonight. I'm going to crawl into bed and watch CSI and Without A Trace while I tape The Apprentice.

Since I have nothing from today to show, here are two finished pictures of the entrelac in the round tam I made. While I was home on Tuesday I washed it in some Eucalan (my first time using it!) and blocked it on a dinner plate for a few days.

This is the hat, looking very beret-like, on my creepy mannequin.

This pic lets you see the very cool "flower" that's created when you decrease the rectangles on both sides to close the top of the tam. Even though I really look stupid in the hat, it was really fun to make and I would love to make them as gifts if I knew people would wear them. And the scratchy Alafoss Lopi really softens up when you rince it in the Eucalan, now it's soft enough to touch against the face, I wouldn't have done that pre-rinsing!

See you tomorrow. Send lots of prayers that my .pst problems will be fixed by then!
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Wednesday, February 02, 2005
At Least Some Progress
I feel like I've been stuck in a vortex where nothing changes, yet time goes on anyways. I'm still fighting this stupid virus, only now my coughing has gotten really bad.

After I posted on Monday I got to work on the first of the two commissioned dog sweaters, even though I was feeling pretty lousy. I did hear back from my doctor's office eventually, they recommended I try an over the counter cough syrop with codeine...exactly like the one I was already taking. They told me to stay home 1 more day, and if there was no change, to make an appointment.

So I started knitting. I first modified my Palm patterns. Oh, let me explain. I keep all my knitting patterns in my Palm. I create a database with a checkbox for each instruction. For example, a pattern file might open and have the following items:
-CO 45 sts w/ 6US (4mm)
-work 2x2 rib for 3"
-change to st st and work for 9" more
but each thing will have a checkbox so I can tick it off when done, plus a column for the total number of rows so far at that point, the number of sts I should have at that row, any special instructions, etc... I do this for each pattern I knit, I type up the pattern into MobileDB and import the database into my Palm so I never have to shlep around a big pattern book. I just have my Palm and it's always with me anyways, and it keeps my place so I know exactly where I am when I pick it up again.

Because the 2 orders were custom orders, I modified the patterns to fit the exact sizes of the doggie recipients. I uploaded the files, then parked myself on the couch in front of the TV and VCR and started knitting while catching up on all the shows I've taped in the past week or so. I did the ribbing and 1 full repeat of the heart pattern when I decided that it just wasn't working. The woman who commissioned the sweaters wanted something cute and had seen a little cable sweater she liked. The woman who owns?/runs? the pet accessories store looked at my pattern for the cables and one with hearts and thought the client would like the hearts. Unfortunately, the hearts just weren't standing out. You really couldn't tell unless you REALLY looked that there was anything on the reverse stockinette background. So I stopped it with the plans to bring it to the pet place and suggest I do the cable pattern instead.

This gave me newly available time to start on the sweetheart mittens, and I managed to complete the 21 rows of ribbing before bed. I know there are patterns for sweetheart mittens available on the net, but I'm using Ann Budd's book "A Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns" or whatever it's called. It lets you choose your yarn, your needles, your gauge, and knit a hat, tam, gloves, mittens, sweaters, scarves and socks. Since I was sneaky and had traced Yannick's hand in his sleep, I knew I could make a custom-fitting mitten for him, one for myself, and just make a large one with 2 cuffs for the "sweetheart" mitten. As I mentioned a few posts ago, my mitten will have pink stripes in the cuff, his will have blue stripes, and the sweetheart mitten will have our matching cuffs.

Tuesday I didn't go to work, much as my dad would have liked me to. I was so exhausted from coughing all night and waking myself up coughing that I slept until 12 again. I still woke up with a headache, and I was annoyed because if I was going to be home, I would have preferred to have been up early to accomplish stuff.

I did manage to accomplish something horrible. Either from opening an email with no subject or "to" info, or from clicking "yes" to one of those "do you accept Whatever Company as a trusted blah blah" (I know, stupid of me), I somehow let something in that started slowing my computer down. Attuned as I am to how my computer's running, I right away ran AdAware, CWShredder and SpyBot to weed out any viruses, and quarantined/deleted whatever I found. Then disaster struck. I went to open Outlook to access my email...and it told me it couldn't find the file "outlook.pst" to open. I, naively, did a search on my computer and found a file with that name in my Windows folder, so I told the program to point there. Outlook opened...with info from 2001! It was an old file! And all my current stuff, every address in my contact list, every file, every folder, EVERYTHING IS GONE! I'm so furious at myself for not making a backup! I'm so stupid! Right away I called my ex 'cus he's the only computer guy I know, and he gave me the number of his "go-to" guy. So he had me shut my computer down to avoid any more problems and told me he'd come over tomorrow afternoon (being today afternoon, now).

I don't know how I managed to knit while being so distraught, but somehow I managed to finish Yannick's mitten up to the last 8 sts at the top where I had to weave the end through and pull tight. I decided to wait for daylight before breaking out the tapestry needles, so when I went to bed I had only that bit and the thumb left to do.

This morning I went to see my doctor and he gave me a prescription for a cough syrop with such a high codeine content that it's considered a narcotic and you're not allowed to drive, or get refills 'cus it's too easy to get addicted to it. Cool! :) I've been on it in the past, makes me dopey. I'm waiting until I go to bed to take it, which is why I'm still coherent.

I got home, knitted for a bit, then the tech guy showed up. He was here for almost 3 hours, and we managed to find the deleted .pst file. Unfortunately, at this point we still haven't been able to get it running properly so it will import into Outlook. The file is 182 megs yet it's importing with a total of 6 random emails. I'm really, really worried that I've lost everything. This is every email, all my contacts, my correspondance with Paulette Lane for the knitting calendar (shoot I don't even have her email addy now!), all the reciepts for everything I've ever bought online, all my Palm software's passwords...Everything Gone. I can't handle that.

Got only a bit of knitting done once he left, 'cus he called later and I had to go on the computer for a bit. So today stands with my mitten complete until a few rows after the thumb gusset. I'm at the part now where I just knit until it's the right length to start the decreases. Here's a pic:

Again, it's grainy and out of focus 'cus of the Palm, yada yada yada.

Shoot, I hadn't thought about all the Palm passwords before. Now if I ever have to reset it I don't even have the contact info to email them to get them back! I think I'm about to cry!

To Jenifer at 5337, from the comments:
Thanks! I brought the sweaters to a local pet accessories store, and she put them in her stock. So far the sweaters were left on consignment, so I haven't made anything yet. Whatever I earn won't be as much as I could make if I sold the sweaters myself and avoided the "middleman", but I don't have the time to go out and market them. That's for the 3 I left her. The 3 I'm working on now are orders she took from her clients to give me, based on the models the saw in the store, but worked up to their dog's particular measurements. And about your contest - I still don't "get" Borges, but I thought I was pretty clever with my guess based on the picture alone! :) Thanks for writing.
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