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I Want to Knit
Monday, November 28, 2005
I Know, I Know
I haven't been posting much lately. I haven't felt like using the computer much, and I'm still not sure if I want to keep this site as more of a knitting journal or a personal journal, or both. I did just get a cell phone with a digital camera, though, so I should be able to upload knitting pics...but we'll see.

Anyways, I'm not gone, just knitting fast and slow in blogging. I think it's just a mood thing. Blah snowy days make me want to curl up in bed, not sit at a desk.

That sounds like a good idea. I'm going to curl up in bed. And knit. (Of course).
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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
More Ponch(uh-oh) Madness
From this:
To this:
And now this!?!
I hang my head in knitterly (and crocheterly) shame. I really do.

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Happy Birthday...
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Sunday, November 20, 2005
Hello Again
I've been away a spell huh?

I guess I got busy with some wedding stuff. Last Saturday I had a hair trial after work, it came out quite nice but I'm waiting to get my photos developed to see how that came out. Sunday was the Sheldon Kagan show. I think I was quite productive. Apparently the whole point of going is to enter the contests from each booth, so I went with 30 pre-printed labels with my name, address and phone number. TRES time-saving!

Monday I ran around then had Joelle come to the house for my makeup trial. Very pretty, also waiting for the pics to see how they look.

Tuesday and Wednesday I went to auditions for the Lakeshore Players theater group. Thursday I found out I didn't get a part. I don't feel too bad, and I'm not taking it as a statement about my acting abilities. There are only 8 parts in the play, only 3 of those for women, and only 1 of those for a woman under 40. There were 3 of us who could play her, and one of us has been in the LP plays before AND is the membership person, so I had a feeling I wouldn't get a part anyways. Plus she's quite good (from what I saw).

Friday I got to feed Bradley then came home to crash, and Saturday after work Julie picked me up and we drove down to Ottawa to stay overnight at hers and Rich's new house where Yannick had been since Friday afternoon. I love their house! And Julie took me around Ottawa today so I got to go to Michael's and get a bunch of Homespun to make a few sweaters, and then around the downtown area and one of the malls. Bought some cool stuff, my favorite of which is Mexican chocolate and ancho powder to make authentic Mexican hot chocolate. I've been dying to try Mexican chocolate (which is weird, 'cus I really DON'T like chocolate at all), and I can use the chili powder in other stuff too, plus it's not too hot. The store "Chilly Chiles" was really cute, everything chili-related you could ever want! Plus, anyplace that sells

just rocks, no?

To Robyn: I'm feeling much better, and thank you for the stickers! I wish I knew what type of thing you collected so I could repay...I don't think they have camera or purse stickers...

Keri: the You Knit What? blog is hysterical! Thanks for telling me about it, I just spent an hour going through TRES FUGLY archives!!

Secret Pal: Curves is still fun, even if the pounds aren't just falling off. I'm hoping for long-term payoff, in place of short term ones that don't stay, so we'll see...

The Montreal Knits group was hit with one of those memes like the "2 things" one I did for Robyn. (Hey, anyone know what the definition of memes is, or how you pronounce it?). This one was a challange to name "20 things about you". Molly Ann answered for the group, perfectly:

1. Many of us have cats. Except for those of us who have dogs.
2. Many of us aren't actually from Montreal. We have folk from Germany, Missouri, Nebraska, Massachusets (probably spelled wrong, I guess I could just say Boston), New York, Washington DC, Vancouver, Toronto and other places that I just can't think of right now (but I really don't mean to leave anyone out!).
3. Three of our members (Kate, Mona, Veronik) are published designers.
4. Every now and again, on a Sunday, a very nice lady named Audrey comes to the Second Cup with a basket full of hand-dyed kid mohair things from her farm. It's kinda like having your crack dealer come to your house.
5. Every now and again, on a Sunday, a very nice lady from
Ami Ami yarns comes to the Second Cup with a very cute hand-crocheted bag full of various yarns imported from Japan. It's kinda like getting Vicodin from a mail-order website delivered right to your door.
6. Even though many of the group are francophone (that would be "french speaking" to those of you who don't live in Quebec), we meet in english. We anglophones (do I have to spell it out for you?) appreciate this greatly.
7. We have all seen the original, the first, THE clapotis.
8. All the kids who have ever come to a meeting are a) adorable and b) extremely well-behaved. I am way impressed.
9. People usually stare at us when we have a meeting, and sometimes they come over and talk to us. One nice old lady remarked that none of us looked even close to being grandmothers. Um, thanks?
10. Jo's partner Carl occasionally comes to meetings. Apparently he CAN knit, but won't do it in front of us.
11. We have knitters of all levels of experience, from I've-only-knit-scarves all the way up to experts who have done cables, intarsia, fair-isle, provisional cast-ons, tubular cast-ons, tubular cast-offs, lace and etc. (but not all in the same project).
12. None of us has knitted a poncho--that we would publically admit to.
13. We have collectively spent enough money at the Second Cup to purchase a franchise.
14. Our average age appears to be around 35. Although we look much younger. Not in a "mutton dressed as lamb" kind of way either. And the fact that possibly one of us might be single and turning 36 soon has nothing to do with this comment whatsoever.
15. I don't think any of us have used our sewing machines in ages.
16. Many of us seem to be/have been involved in the arts in some way--theatre, film, advertising, design.
17. I have never seen anyone knitting with fun fur at a meeting.
18. We all instinctively know how to pronounce "clapotis," but also find Deawn's Texan friend's alternate pronounciation of "platypus" quite hilarious.
19. We have official meetings four times a month, but sometimes meet even more frequently. We like us, we really like us!
20. There are only 19 interesting things about Montreal Knits.
Phew. I'm out.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005
Self Portrait
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Thursday, November 10, 2005
7 Things
LOL If I'm tagged I will do almost anything (but sometimes it might be good to email me and let me know I've been tagged).

7 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
Have kids
Read all the books I own
Get to be a stay-at-home mom for at least a year
Get published and paid (writing or knitting, I won't be picky)
Go to Israel with Yannick
Make better friends with my siblings
Play a full game of golf

7 Things I Cannot Do:
Sing (although I do it extremely frequently. I'm the driver who looks like she's having a seizure, and I've actually lost my voice 'cus I sing so loud in the car)
Stop hating spiders
Deliberatly hurt another human being
Let go of certain things in my past
Gardening - not my thing (I'm copying you right out here Robyn. Not that I would suck if I tried to garden, but I have no interest. Once I'm home there are so many things I can do IN the house, it honestly NEVER occurs to me to go outside and clean up or do stuff.)
Jog or swim laps (although I can do aerobics for hours, weird huh?)
Admit I'm wrong when I truly believe I'm not

7 Things That Attract Me to the Opposite Sex:
Someone I can feel safe in their arms
Sense of humor
Sex appeal

7 Things I Say Most Often:
Do I have "things" I say? I giggle a lot, does that count? Um... I have NO CLUE as to this one.

7 Celebrity Crushes:
Scott Foley
Wentworth Miller
Shawn Christiansen
Johnny Depp
Brett Favre
James Denton
Gina Gershon (Yannick and I share her)
Angelina Jolie (doesn't EVERYONE have some kind of crush on her???)
Is this 8?? AJ doens't count, everyone wants her. :)

7 People I Want To Do This:
My sister
My brother
My other brother
My cousin Jon
My mom
My dad
(sorry to all bloggers out there, I find it more interesting to hear these insights from people I think I know)
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I still can't get good digital pics of my engagement ring, but figured I should post a pic before it's old news. So here is the beautiful, stunning, there-are-no-words ring that Yannick honored me with when he asked me to be his wife.

Now I'm going to bed with a respiratory virus that somehow turned into a sinus infection. 'Night.
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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Picture Day! (take 2)
This is the "To Dye For" sweater from the first Stitch 'n Bitch book. I finished all the knitting almost 2 years ago, this was the first sweater I ever knit, before my knitting classes, before everything. It was only waiting for seaming because I wasn't sure how to seam an open, airy mohair top. (With embroidery floss).

The side view (obviously).

The back view.

This is the Snowflake Headband I did in my knitting class. It was my intro to Fair Isle, and actually the only piece of FI I've ever done. It was worked from the inside up and over the outside then back in again, in the round, so all it needed was the cast-on Kitchinered to the bind-off.

Here's the inside. Ok, so my Kitchiner isn't flawless, you can tell where my seam is, but still a good job I think.

Last but not least, this house. This is a very special house. This is the house that Julie and Richard bought for their first home!! YAY! After spending the last year or so living in Brockville while looking for the "right" house in Ottawa, they finally found it. They've been married for 1 year and now have their house and are all set, and I'm so happy for them! I should have mentioned this earlier when I first knew about it, but I didn't but I am now. Congratulations guys!! (But don't think this means I'm going to throw the weekly poker game).

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Picture Day! (take 1)
Ok, so this new Blogger add-photo thing apparently doesn't want me to overload this post with pictures, so I'll have to post this in two parts. Here's part one:

I borrowed Yannick's Palm today to upload some pics. I DID manage to finish all those wips I'd mentioned, am very proud of myself too.

First off:

This is the mini cardigan I made in my knitting class last year. We made these teeny 4" things to practice everything we'd make in a real life-sized sweater. I finished it last September but it needed buttons. Voila.

This is the mini cardigan's back.

This is the mini cardigan's inside to show you that it's really a cardigan you can open and put your arms into (uh, if you were small enough to wear a 4" cardigan). The tag is my "handmade by jennifer" label I sew into everything I make.

This is Bernie's wedding scarf. This pic sucks, but I couldn't get a nicely lit shot with the Palm camera.

This pics not much better but at least shows some of the cable detail.

This is Yafit's wedding coat. I love it! It was hard getting a nice shot too, but I think you can still see enough of it.

Here's a better shot of the front of the Glam Coat.

Here's the back of the Glam Coat.

Here's the side of the Glam Coat (am I getting redundant now or what?)

Last but not least, here's a detail of the pewter clasps that close the Glam Coat. I hope Bernie and Yafit like their gifts!

More pics to come next post!

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Monday, November 07, 2005
Holy Headgear Batman!

I just found this browsing through the And She Knits Too! blog. I don't quite know what to say. Scary. Creepy. Knitting.
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Sunday, November 06, 2005
For some reason I'm feeling really productive today. I've also been looking at my outstanding list of wips and it's really bugging me, especially all the wips that only need seaming or buttons. The first sweater I ever knit has been finished for almost 2 years but has only needed seaming. The mini cardigan I knit for my knitting class last year only needs buttons. I can't call these things "done" until they are, but my laziness has stopped me from doing anything about them. Until now.

Hehehe doesn't that sound like a movie promo?

[picture solemn announcer voice here]
She let things go. She didn't do anything about them. Until now.

Yannick and I have spent a lazy weekend in front of the TV catching up on my tapes. Friday night we stayed in and vegged, and I knit up the last bit of the ruche for Yafit's Glam Coat. Last night we were supposed to go over to Jackie and Kevin's but Yannick thinks he caught a cold from sleeping with the window open so we didn't want to infect their baby, and we stayed home. I seamed the ruche to the sweater, and today wove in the last bits of the ends. The coat is technically done, but I still need to go out tomorrow and buy buttons to keep it closed. I just put Bernie's scarf in a bath of Eucalan to soak and I'll be blocking it momentarily, and then I can go next Monday to the post office and put those in the mail.

We met with a minister today to see if we'd want her to marry us. It's the Unitarian minister who married my cousin Barbara Anne. We didn't want to do the Rabbi/Priest thing, so Unitarian seemed to be the way to go. She was really nice and friendly, and we were very happy with her so we signed on the spot. We're getting married! I know that I know we're getting married, but stuff like this just makes it seem so official. I was grinning through the whole thing! Let's see, that means we've got the hall booked, the food booked, the band booked, the photographer booked, the videographer booked and the minister booked. And I've got trials for hair and makeup over the next few weeks. Whew!

So getting back to the productivity thing, much as I want to start something new now that the gifts are done, I'm not letting myself. I know that I'll be starting Yannick's mom's vest soon anyways as soon as the wool gets here, so in the meantime I was going to pick up the Enchanted Forest cardigan. Maybe I will, tomorrow. Today I'm forcing myself to finish stuff.

1) the To Dye For Sweater only needs seaming
2) the Mini Cardigan only needs button sewed on
3) the Snowflake Fair Isle Headband only needs to be grafted (ack my first grafting)

I have other wips but I don't feel like knitting a lace sock or thrumming today so those will wait until later. Today my goal is to finish 1-3.

Oh, and to post pictures of all of the above.
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Friday, November 04, 2005
LOL Robyn the scale I have is the one your family gave Yannick and I as a housewarming gift, so you can ask your mom where it's from. :) It's by Salter I think, and gives digital readouts in
both lbs and kgs. On Tuesday when I started I was _.08 lbs, yesterday _.06, today _.02. So something's working. (It's probably just all the fiber LOL).

Our photographer is Michael Perl. I think he used to be big here, then moved away, now is back. In any case, we met with a few and some had some really nice stuff and good prices, what made me choose him was how hands-on you get to be and how involved he is with you to get the best photos.

For hair I'm waiting to hear back from Christina who used to be from Amici on Jean Talon (now bankrupt). Or there's my mom's guy for my hair but I don't like how they do updos, or there's my hairdresser who does great updos but I'm not as crazy about how she does hair when it's down, or my SIL's guy who does hair shows... give me your girl's name if you want, it couldn't hurt!

I'm so proud of the Glam Coat I'm knitting for Yafit. I put it on my Zaida's dressmaker's form and put the ruche on today to see how it looks, I swear you'd buy it in a store for mega money! I'm so absolutely thrilled with it! I think I'll get my sister to try it on, see if she wants one maybe.

Gotta leave for more knitting 'til later. :(
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Thursday, November 03, 2005
I'm Having MAJOR Fits of Startitis!
All I keep thinking of is new stuff to knit or finish. I really, REALLY need a week off to try and clear some WIPs, not that a week would even make a dent. I think I have about 30 wips in various stages from only needing buttons or blocking, to only having a sleeve completed, or something. Now that winter's back, I really want to work on the Enchanted Forest sweater, as well as work on my Perfect Knitting Bag. I want to whip up a few scarves for myself since I'm ashamed that as a knitter I go out with a store-bought woven one, and a pair of gloves would be cool too. I really want to knit my Noro Tasha Tudor, but did I mention I'm still finishing the Glam Coat and then have my MIL's Christmas gift to knit before I can think of moving on? On top of that, I came up with a new design today that I'm just ITCHING to knit. It's too bad the knitting machine can't do garter, or I'd try to whip that up just to see how it comes out.

All I can think about lately is knitting. Is there a knitting hormone?

In other news, we booked our photographer. Now I'm trying to find good hair and makeup people.

In yet other news, the diet has started. I'm finding it easy to find foods I enjoy. .06 lbs lost so far, but probably water. I won't get excited until it's at least a full pound. :)
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