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I Want to Knit
Saturday, February 19, 2005
Saturday (after the fact)
(actually being posted on Feb 21 'cus I was too busy/lazy to post on time)

Saturday I worked all day, then got home and rushed to throw stuff into a bag 'cus we were leaving to drive up north to go spend the night at Yannick's parents' place. I was a little upset 'cus I really wanted to get some knitting done, but it was already dark out and I knew I wouldn't be able to see. Then I remembered a little something I'd picked up on ebay a year or so ago when I was doing a lot of cross stitch in very low lighting conditions....

So there I was, riding along on our way up north through nasty blowing snow and 0 visability...wearing this on my head:

I don't think I could have been any more attractive! (Especially since it left a nice square red mark on my forehead the rest of the night!).

Because I'd prepared I was able to knit away on my sock during the car ride. I finished the 32 rows for the heel (remarking often to Yannick about how much I loved the reinforced heel- he kept nodding and saying "I know, you told me already") and then was ready to move on to turning the heel. I got out my pattern and- Wait! Where's my pattern? I'm on my way up north for a whole day and deliberately brought the sock so I'd get tons done...where the *&%##*! is my pattern? At home. My pattern was at home where I'd taken it out to fit something else in my bag, and never put it back. And why was this the ONLY pattern I hadn't entered into my Palm? Because I hadn't gotten around to entering the new heel version yet. I'd figured I'd do it then enter it afterwards to be ready for the second sock. So I couldn't do ANYTHING on it!

I was annoyed but luckily we were almost there and once there I had Yannick's 4 nephews to keep me occupied. Or rather, I had avoiding Yannick's 4 nephews to keep me occupied. See, when the all slept over last time a few were sick, and that's when I caught my wonderful virus that screwed me up for a few weeks. This time I arrive to find out they have been passing a gastro back and forth. The baby had it, then when we arrived I found out B (Yannick's sister) and Justin had it, but Matthew and the 2 oldest kids didn't have it yet. Go figure that right away Justin (the one I made the striped sweater for) comes to sit with me and lean on me to look at a toy camera. He's being playful...he's leaning on my thing you know he has his hands over his mouth and B's yelling to Matthew to grab something, ANYTHING for him to puke in. He managed to make it about 5 feet to a bucket. Luckily they were in the middle of renovations so there WAS a bucket. Oy vey.

Of course B and Justin were sick all night, and by morning Matthew had it, and you know I was just picturing my father forbidding me to ever see them again because if I was sick and had to miss work.... *sigh*. No sick here so far. *knock on wood*

The rest of us had a really nice supper together. It was my first time having a...well, in French I think it's called a "raquelette". It's almost like a grill in the middle of the table with a broiler underneath and we each had 2 little triangular "plates" that slide in under the broiler, and you cook your own food like a Chinese fondu. So on top on the grill part we cooked beef, veal, shrimp, scallops, chicken and sausage (it sounds like a lot but picture the meat in cubes about 1.5" square, only 3 cubes of each thing) and then in the plates we'd put little baby onions, baby sweet gherkin pickles, some dried meats and salami and some slices of baby potato, then put a slice or two of cheese over it and let that broil for a while. Or we also had an omelet mixture that we'd pour into the plate and let that cook up and put some cheese on that. It makes for a long meal but it was REALLY good! And that cheese was delicious! We have one of those "raquelette" things at home without the grill part on top so I'm looking forwards to making that for supper one night here.

Then it was off to bed 'cus you just know that 4 boys under 9 will not be sleeping in very late tomorrow!

posted by Jennifer Lori @ 1:22 p.m.  
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