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I Want to Knit
Sunday, February 20, 2005
Sunday (after the fact)
(actually being posted on Feb 21 'cus I was too busy/lazy to post on time)

While everyone else either went skiing or to play in the snow, I spent most of the day by the fire knitting. I had also brought with my pattern and the yarns to make the next commissioned item for the pet accessories store, and was able to start working on it. They wanted this: but with a pink trim and made to measure.

I had a lot of fun knitting it because Nicholas (the 2nd oldest) sat with me almost the entire time, clicking my row counter for me and telling me how good of a knitter I was. *grin* Gotta love kids!

I was able to finish the entire back and since I had pins in my "toolkit" I found a large towel and wet the piece, blocking it out to dry. Since I'd forgotten the sock pattern I had no knitting to keep me occupied while waiting for the jacket to dry, and I don't ski. So what could I do to keep myself busy until dinner time? Why relax in the spa of course!

Yannick's parents have an outdoor hot tub/jacuzzi thing (what is the difference anyways?) that seats like 8 people. So for about two hours I relaxed in there, first with B and all 4 boys, then the younger two went to take baths, then Yannick joined us. It was fun with the kids in there 'cus we kept telling them we didn't believe they had the guts to go out and jump in the snow, roll around and come back in the spa. And they'd do it to prove they could. Then they'd freak out 'cus your body gets all tingly and stings from the contrast of cold to hot. I wouldn't do it, but I did keep grabbing a handful of snow and squeezing it really tight in my hands, then putting my hands under water to get the same effect. Eventually the other 2 boys left and it was just me, B and Yannick, so we turned off the jets and bubbles and just RELAXED. There was snow all around us, it was -27 outside, steam rising up everywhere and we were soooooooo warm. And briefly at the end for like 5 minutes B went in to shower so it was just me & Yannick and it was so nice just to veg there together.

After supper we drove home and I found a message on my answering machine from Nicole (my knitting teacher) saying to prepare a 1x1 rib swatch so tomorrow we could learn how to cast off with a needle (kitchener or grafting cast off). Plus I'd wanted to finish the back of the jacket at least by the end of the night. So I got to work. While watching MythBusters (I also like Discovery Channel) I picked up all the way around the jacket with hot pink fun fur, and somewhere during one of the rounds of knitting Yannick went up to bed. I watched more of the Food Network while knitting away, finishing and binding off the fun fur trim. I did my swatch with some leftover Sirdar Snuggly I had from the crocheted baby onesie/booties set, and was ready for bed by midnight. I was sad to go up to bed 'cus the Iron Chef America had just gotten underway, but my eyes were closing and I knew I couldn't sleep in tomorrow because I had my class.

At least I finished the back of the jacket! Now I just need to pick up the sts for the bellyband, knit it to length in st st and sew on the buttons. You can't tell from this picture, but the pink really is a "hot pink" and the contrast between it and the black is really striking.

posted by Jennifer Lori @ 1:40 p.m.  
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