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I Want to Knit
Thursday, January 31, 2008
a scarf and a meme
Oops- I don't have the weekly photo to show you 'cus I forgot to take one with Jakob while he was awake. I'll take one tomorrow instead.

On to the Striped Scarf. I'd restarted it yesterday at Robyn's while watching Juno with her and Angela, but between giving Jakob his bottle and having him sleep in my arms I got very little actual knitting done. Therefore all the rows I'd shown last night were done after he was in bed last night. Much the same thing happened today. I started tackling cleaning the spare bedroom since Yannick's parents are sleeping over on Saturday night, and between cleaning, taking care of Jakob and making more purees, I knit my first stitch of the day only tonight once he was in bed. Once he went to sleep I left him with Yannick and met up with Maaike, Robyn and some other West Island knitters for a knit night at a local cafe. It was my first time there but it was quite good, and I didn't realize until after I'd left how much I missed the knitting get-togethers.

I don't go to the ones on Monkland any more because it took too long to drive into town during rush hour to go for a few hours then drive back so late, and once I go back to work I won't be able to go because I'll have Jakob with me and will need to get him home, fed, bathed and to bed. Maybe once in a while if my mom picks him up from the store, but not the majority of the time. So it felt really good to get out for a while and be in the company of adults.

Don't get me wrong- I love hanging out with my little guy all day, and I love getting together with the other moms in our playgroup. But it was really nice to sit somewhere and not have a diaper bag with me, and to not have a wash cloth and toy within arms' reach "just in case".

Here's the scarf as of tonight. That's what...32 rows? I think Maaike is at 34 rows. I'll have to knit a few more tonight to catch up. :)

Before I go to bed, Tara tagged me for a meme so here goes:

Here are the rules, (they must be posted to your blog).

Link to the person’s blog who tagged you : Tara

List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog and also so they can look at your blog and not tag the same people all over again!

My 7 Random Things:
1) I'm competitive. Really. I'm more competitive than you. I AM.
2) I can tap dance. I did the ballet thing as a child and in my teenage years I was part of a dance school that had annual shows, did competitions, etc. I wasn't part of the competition groups, but I was pretty good. I was in the jazz and tap classes. Yes, in heeled tap shoes, and yes, I can do that thing where your arms both go out and your feet are both off the ground at the same time.
3) I love doing paperwork. The thought of spending a few hours at a desk doing paperwork (with or without a computer) gets me very happy.
4) I sing along to the car radio ALL THE TIME. Ever see The Heartbreak Kid, the movie with Ben Stiller? Remember the scene (they showed it in the commercials too) where his new wife sings along with the radio and it's really fun and cute at first...then it cuts to 4 hours later and she's still going? That's me. And I get really annoyed fast when the radio plays a song I don't know and can't sing along with. I'll switch stations until I find something I know.
6) I used to want to be a romance author for Harlequin. I have a few years' worth of writing magazines, all the books and an AlphaSmart. Somewhere in the dark recesses of my packed boxes are thirty or so poems, the beginning chapters of 4 novels and notes for a few dozen more. My target lines were the now-defunct Duets (romance/comedy) and Blaze (romance/erotica).
7) I don't like chocolate. I'll eat it, and there is some that is tasty, but I really prefer salty snacks. Give me salty foods over sweets any day! (If you really want to make me happy, show up with some *good* chips or movie-theater popcorn, extra butter please!)

Here are those I've tagged to participate (if they want to):
1. JayJay
2. Maaike
3. Amy
4. Faith
5. Dianne
6. Nicole
7. Peggy

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something for everyone
I've been informed that some of you (*cough* Jackie *cough*) don't come here for the knits, you come here for Jakob photos. And apparently I've been slacking off in my Jakob photos. Well, voila!
Makes "hitting the bottle" seem appropriate, huh?

I thought it was only older kids who preferred to play with the boxes gifts come in!

This was from Monday. We didn't have anywhere fancy to go, just playgroup, but I loved this outfit on him when he wore it to the bar mitzvah in Toronto and that was the only time he wore it, and now it's getting too small. The pants still fit okay, and I can probably pull off the vest a while longer, but the shirt length is way too short- when he brings his arms up it's a belly top.

Ha ha- see what I did there? I snuck some knitting in atcha. :)

It's funny- he looks so blonde in this photo but it's not like that in real life. He looks much too grown up though!

Now, back to the knitting. I'm really enjoying knitting the Noro scarf even though I made one mistake. For the first 8 stripes or so I forgot I was stranding the unused color up the side and began each new color row as usual- tugging the yarn up to knit with it. Silly me forgot that tahis would make it pull up, and sure enough there is no slack on the right edge of those first few rows. Now to make sure I include enough slack to avoid this, I wrap the yarn once around my needle before making the first stitch. On my return row I just drop the wrap off the needle, and it leaves me with enough yarn loose on the side to match the looseness of the other side of the work. It's quick and easy and avoids me having to remember and pay attention to leave some slack when I start each new colored stripe.

Maaike- this part is for you. Here's my progress from last night on the Striped Scarf.

Total stripe count as of Wednesday, January 30 - 20 stripes. You?

Today's stripe count and my Thursday photo with Jakob later.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
fo report: hickory dickory dot sweater (and mouse!)
Mommy with Jakob at 36 weeks.
Ignore the red eye in that photo...I had been cooking and must have touched my eye because it was red for a few hours.
We're all doing much better here. I think what Jakob passed around to the rest of us was a 24-hr stomach bug. I found out this week that a few kids and moms from our weekly playgroup were sick last week too. I'm just glad that everyone here is feeling better. Except for me, though. I've got a really raw throat and can't seem to shake that "sick" feeling, but I'm sure it's just a virus so I'm not bothering to go to the doctor. As it is tomorrow I have to go...hehehe...
[excuse me for laughing but I find this hysterical]
Tomorrow I have to go have my head examined. Hehe.
Remember the bump on my head I mentioned a few months ago? The one my doctor thinks is nothing but a normal bump that is supposedly very common to get? Well, Yannick and I have signed up for life and critical illness/disability insurance, and they won't insure me until I get it checked out again. So I'm going for a head x-ray tomorrow. I'd much rather sleep in before going over to Robyn's to watch a movie and hang out, but I called the x-ray place and they said that tomorrow was the only day they'd have an extra nurse who could watch Jakob for me while they're doing the actual x-ray. I can't exactly leave him in the hall unattended, and I'm sure he's not allowed in the room with me while the machine is on, so tomorrow morning it is.

I finished some knitting! As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm one of the test knitters for one of Anny's new Jujube and Lolo designs, the Hickory Dickory Dot sweater. I finished it today, and it's so cute!

There was an odd glitch or two with the pattern, mostly just a note or something overlooked, and all in all I'm sure this is going to be a pattern that knitters are going to love! The lap-shouldered construction is great for little ones, and I'm only slightly miffed that Anny put her pattern out before I got around to designing something with that shoulder myself, as I do have a bunch of sketches with lap shoulders. But she beat me to it! :)

I didn't really enjoy seaming the pocket on, but I really do like how it looks. I'm not an uber-perfectionist, but I'm too much of one to just place the pocket somewhere that "looks good" and just sew, so I had to spend time counting stitches in from each end to make sure it was perfectly centered, then seaming a little here...a little make sure it was lining up straight and even. (Actually...I think I was a little off on the rounded edge but I can live with that).

The sweater pattern comes with the pattern for this really cute mouse toy. Earlier I had finished the mouse with only the ears left to attach, when Jakob woke up in his crib and started to cry. When I got back to the couch after calming him down I couldn't find the mouse anywhere. I finally found it on the floor under the couch! I guess Sam likes it too! Looks like some catnip-filled versions will be getting knit up around here pretty soon...


I'm going from memory here 'cus the yarn and needles are downstairs. The yarn is Bernat Soy from Walmart, in pink, white and tan. I forget which needle size I used but I'm pretty sure it was the one called for in the pattern. I got gauge, in any case. I knit the 12 month size which should have used 3 balls of pink Soy but I didn't even finish the 2nd ball.

I tried to stay as faithful to the pattern as I could since I was doing it as a test knit. I did make 2 minor alterations though - sorry Anny! After working a marathon seaming session, sewing down the white icord that lines the neck, then the sleeve and side seams, then finagling the pocket into place, I couldn't bear the thought of any more seaming. Thus, even though the mouse pattern is supposed to be done flat, I did the mouse in the round. Because I did it magic-looped I was able to follow the pattern exactly as written working one mouse chart on each needle. My only other modification was to sew the two mouse ears onto the flat side of the mouse (as in the photos above). The pattern and provided photo have the mouse ears sewn on either side of the seam (making a taller, skinnier mouse instead of a wider, flatter one).

As soon as it is dry I will be sending it off to the intended recipient. :)

Now that (one set) of my needles were empty I was free to cast on for something else! Maaike and I decided to work a little Noro into our lives (who doesn't need a little Noro in their lives?) and cast on for a little striped scarf knitalong. I have to admit that our scarves were completely inspired by the fun scarf and breathtaking photography on Jared's blog. (I'm name-dropping like I know him. I don't know him from a hole in the wall. An amazing knitter/designer/photographer hole in the wall). You can see the scarf that got us drooling here.

I'm using Noro Silk Garden, 1 ball each of 4 colors- 8, 251, 258 and 264. The scarf is a simple 1x1 rib done working 2 rows from one ball, 2 rows from a second ball, repeat until the first two balls are done then move on to the next two. I made my color choice easily- I bought one of each of the Silk Garden colors that Robyn carried (excluding the white one).

I'm copying Jared's slip stitch edging too. At first I thought I could just work a regular "slip the first stitch of every row" edging and didn't know why he decided to slip the first and last stitches of the 2nd row of each color change. I told Maaike I'd swatch it up and see, when it hit me. If you slip the first stitch of every row you DO get the same chained edging, with one big difference- you will be pulling the contrasting color up into the next row which will be of a different color. Not sure if I typed that properly but it's late and there's a hot NeoCitran calling my name. Long story short- he's right and I'm copying.

I started it but ripped back right away. I did a tubular set up for 1x1 rib cast on, and had planned to do the cast on with a 4.5mm then switch to a 5mm for the body of the scarf. What you see here is 29 sts wide using a 4.5mm needle. It looked wide enough originally but the stitches were way too loose, even on the 4.5mm. Also, when I took it off the needles to unravel, the ribbing sprang together and I saw it really was too narrow. I've since cast on again with 41 sts and a 4mm needle, and will try to work a few inches tomorrow and see what kind of a fabric I get.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008
g is for gastro...
What a week. Tuesday night all seemed well. I'd put Jakob to bed at 7pm as usual and he was sleeping like the proverbial baby. I enjoyed a nice supper and some well-deserved knitting/tv time while Yannick was at bowling. I managed to finish the front and back of the Hickory Dickory Dot baby sweater and had taken photos so I'd be ready to blog Wednesday morning. At 1am I got into bed, all set to listen to some podcasts on my ipod, play a few games on my palm and go to bed.

That's when Jakob started throwing up in his sleep.

I heard him heaving on the monitor and got into his room in time to get him into a sitting up position for the first wave. We got him cleaned up, changed his sheets and pjs and I brought him into our bed to sit with me for a bit. That's when it happened again. And again. And again. Half an hour later he'd thrown up at least once every 5 minutes and we decided to call the Info-Sante 24 hour nurses hotline. He was so exhausted that after every spasm he'd collapse against me, not even having enough energy to fully close his eyes before falling into a semi-sleep.

Info-Sante suggested we bring him to the hospital to make sure it wasn't something we couldn't get under control, but unfortunately the short car ride to our local hospital made him fall asleep, so when we arrived at triage with what looked like a peacefully sleeping baby in his bucket they didn't consider us a priority. Sure enough he woke up after we'd left the nurse's room, and spent the next while in my arms alternating between sleep, semi-conscious and vomiting. FOUR HOURS later, after he'd thrown up on me at least 8 times, I carried him over to the admittance person and asked how many more times he'd have to throw up before they would see us. They took us in to the doctor right away.

Unfortunately (again) the doctor said that they had no pediatrician on staff there, and that since Jakob was STILL throwing up he wanted us to go downtown to the Montreal Childrens' Hospital and have him seen there. Why couldn't they have told us this at 2am when we got there??? So at 5:30am we were on our way downtown in pre-rush hour traffic with a sick baby.

Fortunately (for once) there was no wait at the Childrens'. I hear this isn't always the case, and we were really lucky that the waiting room was empty when we got there. They took us right away and first a nurse, then a doctor saw Jakob. They started getting worried about dehydration- he still had tears and drool so he was ok but he hadn't had anything to drink since his bottle before bed and he had thrown up over 20 times already. The resident asked me to give him his bottle, and he guzzled down 2 ounces of formula, threw it up right away, took another 2 ounces, fell asleep for 20 minutes, woke up and threw up again.

That was not good, because their next plan was to put him on an IV drip. Unfortunately (yet again) he's little, and after being so sick and losing so many fluids, his already tiny veins were even smaller. 3 different nurses tried and stuck him with needles while another one held him down, screaming. 2 nurses managed to find veins, and both popped. After an hour they gave him a break and he just collapsed in my arms. Thankfully they decided not to try again.

I had to spend the next few hours giving him Pedialyte by syringe, one dropper every 5 minutes. Yannick had left at this point 'cus he had to go to work, so I spent the next many hours holding him while he slept and feeding him the liquid. He threw up one more time at 10am, and at lunch time my mom showed up and helped me out with the holding/feeding. By 3pm he was still keeping in his fluids so they let us go home. Did I mention yet that I'd been awake since Tuesday morning, 9am? It was now Wednesday afternoon.

We went to my mom's house 'cus they offered to help out by watching Jakob so I could get some sleep. the time we got there I knew I'd caught it from him. I fell asleep right away, woke up at 7pm and started throwing up myself.

Ugh. I won't get into all the details, but I had it all day Thursday while trying to take care of Jakob, it's now Saturday evening, my mom who is spending the weekend in New York with her sisters celebrating my aunt Mimi's birthday...she got it the night they got there. My sister got it this morning. Yannick got it last night and is still asleep...which is why this post has no photos- he's sleeping in the spare bedroom where the main computer is. I'm typing this on the photo-free laptop.

On top of everything else, Jakob has been congested since Monday, either from a cold or from teething, I'm not sure. All I know is that he's got so much snot pouring out of his little head (sorry!) that I've been calling him my little Booger Boy.

The end result of all this is that we couldn't go to Ottawa today like we were supposed to, since I didn't want to take a chance on getting little month old Kayla sick. I also cancelled dinner plans we were supposed to have Sunday night. Luckily every one is reschedulable, since I didn't want to take a chance on getting anyone ELSE sick.

Jakob did not want to sleep today and I had him in my arms for the better part of 12 hours, but he's finally down for the night so after I make myself a light supper I think I'm going to get some knitting done. I have managed to finish the two sleeves of the Hickory Dickory Dot sweater and hope to get as much more done tonight as I can. I want to get it off the needles and in the mail as soon as I can so I can start a Noro ribbed scarfalong with Maaike.
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Thursday, January 24, 2008
yarn ho in striped socks and hickory dickory dot progress
Remember the Fibonacci socks? The ones that I started years ago and finally finished on the cruise?

I gave them away.

I know! Hand knits- knit for me...given away. They really didn't fit, they were too loose on me. Then one day Maaike came over and casually mentioned that her feet were probably a little bigger than mine...and maybe she could try the socks on?
A perfect fit. They seem to fit her like they were knit for her. Lucky wench. :)

I'm not completely you can see from this photo she still has the ends to weave in. And on the older sock I'd cut the yarns at every color change...that's a lot of ends! Bwa ha ha.

She also offered to dye some sock yarn for me, lest you think I'm completely altruistic and will just give away socks, willy-nilly.Maaike in all her yarn-ho glory (and new socks).

She's also wearing a mighty soft cashmere hat, whose adventures you can find out about here on her blog.

Other non-knitting news will be gotten around to another time. In the meantime, here's more knitting!

I've been working on test-knitting the Hickory Dickory Dot pattern by Anny for her new store, Jujube and Lolo.

I'm using Bernat Soy yarn from Walmart. It is crazy soft and machine washable. So far I've completed the front and back pieces. I'd like to cast on for the sleeves but am waiting to hear from Anny about a pattern question I have.

Clearly this isn't being knit for Jakob. This is the 2000s and I'm extremely liberal but I'm still not going to put a pink sweater on my son. This is being knit for a friend's daughter. (Julie, if you're reading's not for Kayla, sorry! You still have to pick what you want me to knit for her...)

Also, the pieces were pinned out just for the sake of taking a photo- these aren't currently being blocked. I didn't want you thinking I block things so crooked and uneven!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
one sidewinder down...
I realized tonight that I have been doing a bit of knitting lately, but have forgotten to take any photos of it.

About a week ago, only a few days after we got home from our trip, I finished the first Sidewinder sock. I couldn't wait to do the long grafting and the toe graft and see if the sock actually fit (no sense making a second one if the first didn't fit!)

These socks are so cool!!!! You knit them lengthwise, so instead of horizontal stripes running around your foot and leg, you have long vertical stripes. It really changes up the look of the self-striping yarn, and maybe it's just the new sock love talking, but I swear these socks fit better than my other ones.

Ignore those pesky ends, I'll sew them in once the other sock is done.

Isn't it cute?

The pattern is free, and it's from here. I'm knitting it exactly as written for my size, but once I have the other one done and I try them on with shoes, I'm thinking I might want to add a few stitches in the foot length on my next pair. And there WILL be a next pair.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008
model baby
When I was little I did some modeling for catalogues and flyers, like Sears and Zellers. I discussed it with Yannick after Jakob was born, and we thought it might be fun to do the same with him, if it was something he seemed to enjoy. Well, Jakob is nothing if not personable and gives big grins and flirts with everyone we meet. So back in October we signed him up with a local modeling agency.

It was a long wait in coming but...

See my little cutie in there?

How cool is it to see my boy in print?!?! I'm going to see if I can get my mom to find one of my old print ads and I'll post a side-by-side of them.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008
eight months

According to What to Expect the First Year:
By eight months, your baby

...should be able to:

-bear some weight on legs when held upright CHECK- oh my- He's been standing with support since he was about 3 months old!
-feed self a cracker WE STILL HAVEN'T TRIED

-rake with fingers an object and pick it up in fist CHECK
-turn in the direction of a voice CHECK

-look for a dropped object CHECK

...will probably be able to:

-pass a cube or other object from one hand to another CHECK
-stand holding on to someone or something CHECK
-object if you try to take a toy away NO- he'll tighten his grip but he's not possessive yet
-play peekaboo CHECK
-get into a sitting position from stomach NO

...may possibly be able to:

-creep or crawl I'M NOT SURE does it count when he can get anywhere he wants to go by rolling and "scootching" his body?
-pull up to standing position from sitting WITH HELP
-pick up tiny objects with any part of thumb and finger CHECK
-say "mama" or "dada" indiscriminately CHECK He says "dadadada" and "babababa" all the time

...may even be able to:

-play patty-cake (clap hands) or wave bye bye KINDA- he claps his hands against other things to make noise
-walk holding on to furniture (cruise) NO
-stand alone momentarily CHECK but I don't think it is real "standing"
-understand "no" (but not always obey it) NOT SURE- we're trying to save saying "no" for important times so he doesn't end up ignoring the word from hearing it all the time.

Mommy with Jakob at 35 weeks (also exactly 8 months old)

Did I mention yet that I'm in love with this kid? We went to the movies yesterday and I kept losing focus on the movie because he was asleep in my arms and I had to keep looking at him and how adorable he was asleep and how much I loved having him in my arms. Addictive, these kids are. :) (Remind me to tell you another time how pissed I am at the movie theater though).

Today we spent a nice day at home. It's really starting to hit me how soon I'm going back to work (in Feb!!!) and I'm trying to spend as much quality time with Jakob as I can. We play together, we read books together, even just lying in bed together and tickling each others' faces...I'm SO going to miss our days alone together! I know he will be coming to work with me, but it won't be the same.

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Monday, January 14, 2008
confessions suck
Do you know how many times over the last week I have sat down at the computer to post? I've lost count. I check my email, then click over to Blogger and...something happens. Baby crying, phone ringing, kettle whistling, etc...etc...

But right now no phone is ringing, the baby is playing with his toys and there is nothing in the kettle so I'm giving this a shot! In the 6 days since I posted last a strange rash was broken out, a doctor was visited, a medicinal allergy was discovered, antihistamines were taken and the rash disappeared. We're still working on the itching. Friends were spoken to and caught up with, friends were visited with, a new baby was met and cuddled, an old friend was seen again and new friends were hung out with and a good time was had by all. Swimming lessons were started, splashing occurred, a first shower was taken and pool-time was greatly enjoyed. Unpacking was done, laundry was done, more laundry was done, cleaning was done, another suitcase was found with (crap) more laundry to do and some stuff has been folded. Playgroup was held and visiting with other moms (and a dad) was done and discussions on breasts, bottles, periods, sex after baby and oh so much more were held. Laughter ensued. MUCH laughter ensued. (I think we scared the dad).

All in all it's been a pretty busy week for our first week home. I was the one with the medicinal allergy- turns out that I'm allergic to the penicillin derivative I took for the mastitis. Symptoms appeared a full 2 weeks after I stopped the meds- crazy, huh?

But enough of this boring stuff- I know why you're here. It's for the photos, huh? Something quick you can skim your eyes over and race on to the next blog. Well here you go. I'll put some trip photos in another post. This post is dedicated to my weekly Jakob photos and knitting.

Mommy with Jakob at 29 weeks.
Ignore the nasty pink pj shirt. (Yannick calls it my Pepto-Bismal shirt).

Mommy with Jakob at 30 weeks.

I'm not putting a photo at 31 weeks. I forgot to take one of the two of us, and for Jakob alone it would be the holiday photo I posted just before I left so you've seen it already.

Mommy with Jakob at 32 weeks.

No photo for 33 weeks as we were away from each other, and no photo for 34 weeks either 'cus apparently an 11 day break in schedule is enough for me to forget I took weekly photos, and I never took one last week. Sorry!

Now then. I have a confession to make. I don't want to make it, and as you can tell by the title of this post, I'm not thrilled about making it, but I will make it anyways.

Maaike was right.

Arrfrghrhghrhrhgbhgbhgh that hurt! :)

Let me explain. Ever since our move my ball winder and meter counter have been missing, packed up somewhere amidst the 100 boxes we have left to unpack. Yes I moved almost 7 months ago. Shhh.

A few days before I left on my trip Maaike came over with her ball winder and we set upon my sock yarn stash. I knew I wanted to bring some sock yarn with. Socks were the perfect project- small enough to stow in my purse so I could have them with me at all times, and depending on the pattern, mindless enough for me to knit for a few minutes here and there while saving seats for the show or even in the dark during a show. Hell, I think a few times I even knit while walking around the boat, waiting in line at Passenger Services or for Bingo cards, or while waiting for my family to show up at dinner.

I couldn't decide which to bring so in my over-eager innocence I might have decided to bring with a tad too much yarn. Maaike laughed. Yannick (when he found out what was going on) agreed with Maaike and laughed. I didn't think it was so funny. Of course I brought with too much sock yarn! Some days I'd be relaxing by the pool for a few hours so I could work on something with a chart or three. Other days my knitting would be stuffed in and pulled out of my bag so often that I would need stockinette or ribbing or something that didn't require frequent looking at a pattern. What's that old motto- "be prepared"?

Apparently I didn't realize that I'd brought with enough yarn to knit 7.5 pairs. That's 15 socks. I went on an 11 day cruise. This really didn't seem odd to me.

This photo shows the knitting I actually got done on the cruise. Remember the Fibonacci socks? I'd knit the first one during the holidays about 2 years ago, then put them aside. I brought with the remaining pink and cream Regia 4-ply and cast on for the toe on the plane to Fort Lauderdale. I clearly didn't knit as fast as I could have, nor as often. I must have spent way too much lazy time taking the sun, going on excursions or enjoying the ship's facilities as it took me just over a week to knit the second sock. I got speedier after that. The project to the right is the beginning of a Sidewinder Sock using black/red/white Regia Winter Color from my LYS. I would have had the first sock finished before leaving the boat but I was afraid to lose my addi turbo needle at the airport with US customs so I packed it up. I brought some bamboo dpns with for airport knitting (thanks Robyn!) and I cast on for Mona's Barcelona Socks (the November Mystery Socks) while waiting in line at the Air Canada counter. The yarn is Trekking hand art and the color is Karibik, also from my LYS. I got 4 rows done before putting it away and I could have had more done had I not chosen to sleep the entire plane ride home. THAT was a flight well wasted!

This, uh, next photo shows the rest of the yarn that I brought and didn't knit. I can explain, I swear! Ok, starting from the left is the Socks That Rock mediumweight in Gingerbread Dude. I brought that to knit the Rock and Weave sock pattern. I started/swatched on the bus in Puerto Limon while driving past banana and pineapple plantations. I got as far as you can see above when I realized my gauge was off. I needed bigger needles- which were at home. I'd brought every size from 3.75mm down. Now I needed 4mm. That project got thrown aside in favor of the Sidewinders. Next along the top is some brown/black/white Regia Winter Color which was destined to be Jaywalkers but now that Yannick has seen my Sidewinders he wants a pair for himself so I might give the brown ones to him. The blue ball in the middle is Colinette Jitterbug in Jewel, which, unless I find a pattern that isn't obscured by all the flecks of color, will be knit into plain stockinette socks. Moving up again to the black ball, that's Socks That Rock lightweight in Obsidian, a black/brown subtle color that will be gorgeous as a pair of Boyfriend Socks for Yannick. The last ball, the orange/turquoise one, is Time To Go by Lotus Yarns, and was the October (and first) yarn in the Robyn's Nest Sock Club. I am going to be knitting a plain sock with an eyelet pattern out of one of Barbara Walker's books, but silly me, I forgot the pattern at home.

I probably shouldn't mention this...but these two balls? The purple The Flirting Kind by Yarn Oddity (Robyn's Nest's November Sock Club) and the Socks That Rock lightweight in Fire on the Mountain that Yannick had bought for me? These were balls wound in anticipation of coming on the trip but I pulled them out of my bag at the last minute. I thought that two more balls of sock yarn would be, honestly, too much to bring.

Stop laughing.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008
Happy New Year!
Hi everyone! I'm back!

I wanted to post tonight with some photos but the wind is going crazy here and our lights have flickered so I'm going to turn off the computer. If things clear up later tonight I'll hop back on, otherwise look here tomorrow SOON for a new post.

Hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and holiday season!
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