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I Want to Knit
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Mild Celebratory News
First of all, can I say how proud I am of myself? I have NEVER worked out daily in my life, and since last Monday I have gone to Curves every single day. Waking up at 6:30am most mornings to get there for 7. Go me!

I weighed myself this morning before working out 'cus we have the meeting to start week 2 tonight. Not only did I not lose a single freakin' pound, but I GAINED back the 1/2 pound I lost in the first few days! My only consolation is that I lost 1.1% of body fat, so I'm hoping that I DID actually lose some weight but also happened to gain some muscle which weighs more.

Here's hoping.

On the knitting front I ripped out my Goldilocks shrug because the Waterfalls pattern I was using has ribbing at the cuffs which makes the sleeves blouse out, a look I wasn't going for. I started over doing a simple 6 row garter band as cuffs, already at the same # of sts for the Turkish st body. It'll be more loose and flowy. I likes so far. Of course, I've already ripped it at least twice, so who knows what it will actually end up. I think I'm just delaying finishing ANYTHING with it, 'cus I love the colors so much.

I'm also putting it on the back-burner until this weekend when I go for my getaway with some of the Montreal knitters. I'll need mindless knitting for the car ride to Vermont so it will be perfect. In the meantime I'll get hustling on finishing those wedding gifts that were only due in August.
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Thursday, September 22, 2005
I'm sooooooooo TIRED!!!

Why? 'Cus I've been sticking to the goals I made on Monday and have been getting up every morning between 6:30 and 7:15 am and getting my lazy butt out of bed and going to Curves. Yes me. Who normally gets up around noon. Hence: tired.

What have I done lately? I've used the extra morning time to plan my meals for the day, then crawled back into bed. Usually I've knit. Today I think I'll be trying to fall back asleep. I'm usually wide awake just until my dad calls to say "leave now" and then I start falling asleep once I'm driving. A little trick I learned to help stay awake is to chew gum. I could also probably stop at any of the Tim's I pass and buy a coffee too, but I always forget until I'm already on the highway.

I ended up ripping out the 4" high triangle I made with the Goldielocks. I was following the Fleece Artist basic pattern from the ball band, but instead of increasing on each row by doing a weird yarn-to-the-front on the first stitch that got lost in the fluffy tangles of the yarn, I was doing "k1, yo, k row" on each row. It made a really pretty edge of eyelets. Unfortunately, as the triangle progressed I was falling more in love with the color, but less in love with the idea of wearing a triangular shawl. Kathryn told me the skein was about 450m, which translates into something like 492y. The Falling Water Shrug pattern I have that I started a while ago in black mohair calls for 500y laceweight. I ripped the triangle shawl and began the shrug. I had originally stopped the black one because A) it sheds like crazy and B) I'm not skinny enough to wear a shrug. It's my tummy I want to cover, not my back and arms. I'm knitting this one now because I'm in week 1 of the Curves thing, and I'm telling myself that I WILL be skinny enough to wear it once I'm done! :)

Where would we be without the power of positive thinking?

To Keri: You're sweet. Ok, not a flower bowl, but definately some weird garland!

To my Secret Pal: I have the willpower to start a lot of things LOL, it's the willpower to FINISH them that I lack! :]
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Monday, September 19, 2005
Photos from Robyn & Jamie's wedding, Sept 18 2005

This is the group shot of our table. From the left you have
(top row) Me, my cousin Stacey, Brian (Caryn's boyfriend), my cousin Caryn (Stacey's sister), Mike (my brother)
(bottom row) Yannick (my boyfriend), my cousin Clifford, Lisa (Phil's wife), my cousin Phillip

My brother Mike, my mom Betti and my brother Aaron.

My brother Mike and my cousin Phillip.

Saskia (a friend of Robyn's), Mike and me, walking down the aisle.

My favorite photo, me and Yannick.

My sister Laura, my mom Betti and me.

Cousin Stacey, cousin Amy (sister of the bride and Maid of Honor), me, cousin Caryn.

Sis Laura, my dad Mitchell, me.

Me, Yannick, mom, dad, Laura, Mike and Aaron.

Sis Laura and her boyfriend Jason.

Aaron, Laura, dad, mom, Mike, me.

The happy couple, Robyn and Jamie.
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Long Post
I think I have a lot to catch up on!

Fri, Sept 9- Julie's birthday! Thinking I'd be sweet, I picked up a lemon mirangue pie to have when Julie and Rich came over for our biweekly poker tournament. Thinking they'd be sweet, they picked up 4 different slices of pies for us to have for our birthdays! We had a lot of pie.

Sat, Sept 10- After work Yannick and I drove up north to have dinner with his family for our birthdays. We stopped in St-Sauveur to fill up with gaz, and then couldn't start the car again. I suggested it was the battery, but a stranger tried to boost us and it didn't work, so Yannick believes it was the starter. We had to call his dad to come get us. Yannick's parents were there (it's their house), and B, Matts and the 4 boys. Plus us. Dinner was yummy! I finally got to pick the birthday supper (it's only been 7 years....) so I chose an entree of shrimp with avocado, dinner was Chinese fondu, and dessert was a peach pie (for me) and a pecan pie (for Yannick). It was soooooooooo good! We spent a while looking through old photographs, then went to bed.

Sun, Sept 11- My birthday! The car was still dead so after breakfast we called CAA and got towed home from up north. It was really cool riding in a tow truck, and because there are really only 2 seats Yannick had to keep his arm around me with us squashed together, so I got to really spend time with him on my birthday! The tow truck driver also had a 4 month old Boston Bull Terrier with him in the cab, so I got to hold the puppy for the ride too! When we got back we kept the car at my parents' house and Yannick spent the afternoon trying to fix it. No luck. By night time it was too late to do anything so we stayed at my parents' house and ordered pizza. He promised me a birthday do-over very soon when we can actually celebrate and he'll get me the card he was supposed to buy me today. :)

Mon, Sept 12- Jackie's birthday! Jackie likes pie and cake. To play it safe I picked up a slice of apple PIE and Oreo cheeseCAKE and brought them over to her with a candle in the cheesecake. Then I raced home to knit away on the baby outfit because the shower deadline is looming.

I think I just spent most of the week coming home and knitting. I also went to the dressmaker's at some point to pick up my bridesmaid's dress for Robyn (my cousin)'s wedding this coming Sunday. I also spent a few nights printing little baby-related pictures for a memory game for Jackie's baby shower on Saturday, and drawing big grids on 3 large white bristol-boards, for the same memory game.

Thurs, Sept 15- After work I raced home and Julie and Debbie came over to finalize the games for Jackie's baby shower. They decided on which images they liked for the memory grid, then we put on plastic gloves and started counting Skittles to see how many fit into a baby bottle so people could guess and then still be able to eat them after.

Fri, Sept 16- Aaron's birthday (my brother)! After work I went to the Cote-St-Luc shopping center and did some errands, then sat at a cafe for a bit and got some knitting done. Then I had my cousin Robyn's bachelorette party. I had a really good time. It was a bit awkward at first because I didn't know any of her friends, but then the entertainment arrived and things moved more smoothly. We had a seminar on the art of how to perform a few types of adult entertainment that I'm not going to list out here in case anyone under 18 reads this blog. ;) Then a stripper from Club 281 (the male strip club downtown).

Sat, Sept 17- I had an appointment at 7:15(!!!!) to get my eyebrows done, along with a French manicure and pedicure. Then I had to run to Bureau en Gros to make some photocopies for the baby shower, then rush home to finish the baby outfit. The shower was called for 2pm. I was supposed to be there for 1pm to help set up. I kid you not, at 12:57 I finished weaving in the ends of the last bootie, and at 1:19 I finally finished sewing in the elastic of the pants. I was late, but I was DONE! Julie picked me up and her, Debbie and I helped out Jackie's mom by running a few games between food and opening gifts. I hope people liked the games, I know I had a great time. Then I came home and ordered sushi for dinner, after which Yannick and I went to see Lord of War, the new Nicholas Cage movie. Great acting job, but don't go see it if you're in the mood for a happy, feel-good flick. :)

Sun, Sept 18- I had a hair appointment at 12pm to put my hair up for the wedding. The guy did a horrible job. I looked like I had a bowl of flowers on my head, plus it all looked pushed to the side like I'd slept on it. My mom took me straight to the Sheraton Four Points Hotel where the wedding was taking place, and the hair-and-makeup girl they had there for the bride and everyone else managed to find a curl somewhere to pull to the front to make it look even, at least. I'll post some pictures later...I look fat and with a flower on my head. We went to Stewart Hall in Pointe Claire to take bridal party photos, then back to the hotel for the cocktails and wedding. Everything was really beautiful and went really smoothly. I keep saying this, but I had a great time, even up to getting home when Yannick surprised me by very sweetly helping me take out the 4, 000, 000 bobby pins that held up my hair.

Mon, Sept 19- Debbie's birthday! Today I start the Curves 6 Week Challenge! It's a (duh) 6 week program that combines the Curves workout (done daily, yikes!) with an eating plan and weekly meetings to help people lose weight and stop gaining in the first place. The current weight loss record for the 6 weeks is 23 pounds. My goal is to beat that! :) I just got back from doing my workout, buying all my groceries for this week and cleaning the house. I think I'll make some dinner then spend the evening and night watching TV and knitting *gasp* something for ME! I know I still need to finish the gifts for Bernie and Yafit and I will, I'll start that again on Wednesday, I promise. But tonight I'm going to pick up my delicious ball of Goldielocks kid/silk and make myself a gorgeous shawl to wrap around me when I'm skinny, in 6 weeks. :)

To everyone who sent me an ecard for my birthday, THANK YOU! Considering how we didn't actually celebrate, those touches were so thoughtful!

To Jo (from a while ago): I will blog all about the ring (with pictures!) as soon as it's here, done and official. :) I'm a little dizzy just knowing that it's going to happen, though.

To Cara (if you visit this blog): I really enjoyed being your secret pal and I hope I made SP5 fun for you! Did you really think it was me? Did the Montreal postmark give it away?

To Jan: The baby outfit is made with Mandarin Petit 100% cotton. The mommy-to-be didn't want any wool near the baby. I know there are differing schools of thought on that, but she got to pick.

To Jan, Keri and my secret pal from SP6: thank you for the birthday wishes! Y'all are so sweet! (Can I say "y'all" if I'm from Canada? Am I too far north?)

And to ToddMichaelSapp: thank you for the bday I know who you are???
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Sunday, September 11, 2005
Happy Birthday to Me!
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Saturday, September 10, 2005
Picture Day!
I borrowed Yannick's Palm while he was out...

This is the page in the booklet that shows what the outfit is supposed to look like. I'm making the button-down jacket (upper right of left page), the pants and the booties.This is a close-up of the detail on the jacket. It will look better once it's blocked. This is the completed jacket. I just need to weave in the ends and attach (and buy) buttons.

These are the pants, so far. This leg is almost done, then I just do the other one. Then the booties. By next Saturday. This is the teddy I made for Teddies for Tragedies. I wanted to get at least 1 pic of him before he's shipped off. It's not the world's greatest teddy pattern, but we all have to make them the same, so I could only get creative with color. (Ok, I obviously didn't get that creative).

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Friday, September 09, 2005
Well I just got back from my doctor. I'd rescheduled my Monday appointment for today, figuring I'm off work anyways, might as well get it over with. News I really wanted before the weekend, let me tell you...

The little Smarties-sized bump behind my ear is just a cyst. Nothing to worry about.

The little hard dot on my skin is a benign tumor. When I asked how he knew it was benign he said "that's what I went to medical school to find out". Encouraging.

And for a grand finale, the reason my wrists have been hurting with little electric shocks, the reason my fingers are numb in the morning: I have carpal tunnel syndrome.

What a great thing to tell an avid computer geek/knitter right before her birthday.
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Thursday, September 08, 2005
Now I'm Just Getting Spoiled
Another RAOK! Sweet Christina sent me an ecard yesterday, a perfect little pick-me-up. Christina, I don't know how you knew I spent all day yesterday on the couch with a migraine, but your card was the perfect thing to make me feel better for a few moments!

Thank you so much!
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
To Jan: thanks for the sweet comments! I'm pretty partial to him myself. :)

To Kimberly: Mike has been doing a lot of auditions in the last year or so. He still works full time, but I know if he got a big break he'd go for it! He was an extra in this movie, no speaking but definately visible on screen.

To Jo: how are you doing? Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'll surely be posting engagement news once it happens!

So let's see. Not much happened over the weekend besides Yannick's birthday. Saw some friends and family, hung out. Today I knit up a bear for Teddies for Tragedies. After my little attempt at charity knitting failed miserably with the Lakeshore Hospital, I wanted to do something, so when one of the Montreal Knitting Guild members reminded me about the project I knew I had time to do at least one, and I finished it tonight. I'll post a pic once Yannick gets home with his camera. The website for the teddies is here:

Now I have to spend the rest of the week finishing up the baby outfit before the shower on the 18th. I'm off all week except for Saturday, I have to work then we'll go up north for a birthday dinner with Yannick's family, because my birthday is this coming Sunday, the 11th.

Oh, I got a surprise in the mail today! Another RAOK! What's going on? Nothing for an entire year then 2 in one month!!!!

Jennifer Smith thank you so much! The bath salts smell scrumptious and I can't wait to take a bath. I have a good library book so I promise I'll be using those this week! And the lip did you know I collect them???? You are so sweet, thank you so much!

Maybe there's a reason to have faith in this RAOK thing after all. I think I'll send something out, give some of this karma back...

To any Montreal knitters, see you tomorrow night at the knit-out on Monkland! Second Cup on Monkland, 7:30-ish pm.
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Saturday, September 03, 2005
Happy Birthday Yannick!

Happy 31st! I love you Angel!
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Thursday, September 01, 2005
I got RAOKed!

Thank you. In the (almost) 1 year I have been a member of the RAOK site, yours is the very first actual RAOK I've received. You have no idea how much this means to me!

I don't know how you knew to put together the little package you did for me, but everything is perfect! I have loved Ahava products ever since I took a trip to Israel in 2000, and have always wanted to try their soap. I adore taking baths, and salts to ease the muscles are the absolute perfect thing because we have been having such humidity here that my Fibromyalgia has been acting up, plus I've been knitting so much that my "pre-arthritis" in my hands has been sore. I have next week off from work and I'm already planning which book to bring into the bath! The Purell is great because I don't have one small enough for my purse, and as for the did you know? I used to write, wanted to be an author, and I'm like a kid in a candy store when I go into Bureau en Gros (the French version of Staples or Office Depot). I LOVE school supplies, and green is one of my favorite colors!

Everthing you chose is so perfect for me, I don't know how you knew. You probably just threw stuff together, but please know that you did REALLY good!

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