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I Want to Knit
Saturday, April 29, 2006
Time and Food
Debbie and Gregg are coming over for dinner tonight, and then to play board games. They had picked out two of the board games we had on our registry, so we think it is only fitting that they come over and play with us. I don't know why we don't have friends over for dinner more often. Wait- we do, on occasion. Like last night, Julie and Rich came over to play cards, and we ordered dinner together. We've done that often. But I don't recall if we've ever sat down to a homemade dinner together, and it makes me wonder...why not? It's not like I don't cook- I'm the cook in the house. In fact, last weekend I made a chicken, veggie, shrimp and mussel paella that was so huge it overfilled my wok! I'm not kidding- check this out:
I had 1 portion, Yannick had 3 and his buddy Kevin had 4, and there was still more! We had so many leftovers from it that when Jackie and Kevin mentioned wanting to try the recipe, I was able to give them so much that they didn't need to worry about dinner! (Plus I got to see Bradley when I dropped it off). And I still had enough for lunch the next day. That's a lot of paella.

Debbie and Gregg are getting the home-cooked deal because they treated us last time, and when they invited us over this weekend we thought it was only fair to reciprocate.
I just got home from work. They're not coming over until 7pm, so I had time to set the table and put out a basket for bread (reminder- put bread in oven 15 min before eating!). I was good, and yesterday remembered to pull out the butter so it could get soft. Nothing like some good salted butter on fresh warm bread. Mmmm... Like our new dishes? I know we're not supposed to open engagement gifts until after the wedding, some kinda luck deal, but we couldn't resist. All of our dishes were hand-me -downs, first the ones I got from a friend when I moved into my apartment, then the ones from my parents, then the ones from his. These are our first new dishes together, and they're really funky. Even the bowls are square!

I was so on the ball this week that I even remembered to buy veggies yesterday instead of scrambling to do everything tonight. I cut them into wedges and since I did this yesterday, I had time to let them marinate overnight in some olive oil, sea salt and garlic. I'm going to thread them onto skewers, and when Yannick puts the meat on the barbeque, he'll put the veggie-kabobs on too. So now I'm home, the skewers are soaking*, and I have half-an-hour with nothing to do. So what should I knit? :)

I know I have the FNWC to finish, but at the stage it's at, seaming the sides, I need the kitchen table. Plus I don't like to rush seaming. I could work on my Clapotis but I just finished one, so I'd like to put it in the rotation. Maybe...I'll start something new...

*I always soak my wooden skewers in water for at least a half hour before threading, so they are still damp when they get on the barbeque. Less chances for flares and fires, and with me, that's a good thing.
posted by Jennifer Lori @ 5:50 p.m.   2 comments
Friday, April 28, 2006
Et Voila- le Comfort Clapotis

Here she is in her full-length glory.
The details: 1.5 sk of Bernat Baby Coordinates, 10.5 US needles.
I followed the pattern as written except I skipped about 2 full repeats
of the even section because it was going to be plenty long enough.

Here she is, showing both sides. Even though the purl side is the "right side", I kinda like how the knit side looks too. Something about the contrast between those flat Vs and the dropped stitches makes me happy.

And finally, all packaged up, pretty and ready to go.
I'll probably bring it over to the intended recipient on Sunday, if she's feeling up to it.
Hopefully this will bring her a smile in a gloomy world.
posted by Jennifer Lori @ 7:52 p.m.   3 comments
At least, through this migraine haze, I'm getting stuff done.

I finished the Comfort Clapotis this morning. Started Apr 1, finished Apr 28- not bad! Especially since I haven't worked on it in 2 weeks because I've been working on the FNWC job. I DID managed to snap a pic this morning but as I was zooming in for a better shot my batteries died, so I'll post later once they finish recharging.

The FNWC is thisclose to being done. Just have the side seams left, then a few rows for the neck. Had minor setbacks during seaming since the yarn I was given to seam is not too difficult to tear, and when I mattress stitch I tend to bunch then pull there were at least 2 occassions when I was pulling the section flat and heard that ominous SNAP and had to pull out the entire seam. Did I mention that I was only given a little ball of that other yarn for seaming? Of course I didn't measure first to be assured that I'd have plenty, so each little bit I was taking off was alternated with crossing my fingers that I'd have enough left to finish the sweater.
NOTE TO SELF: measure first, worry less.

One last little bit of progress: down 12 lbs towards my weight-loss goal. I'm not stating my weight publicly, nor how much I want to lose, but let's just say that I'd like my wedding dress to have to be taken in during alterations, not let out. And I want it taken in A LOT. I only plan on getting married once, so I'd like to look as slim, sexy and pretty as possible for that day, and those pictures! (and the video...) Go me!
posted by Jennifer Lori @ 5:13 p.m.   1 comments
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
I hate migraines.
I haven't posted lately. I'm not apologizing for that, just making a statement of fact. Doesn't seem to matter much, since no one really reads this blog anyways.

Made it through Passover ok, but for the headaches. Been knitting tons.

Picked up a job knitting for Veronik and Mona, doing FNWC- a sample sweater for one of the new yarns. It's wonderful, fluffy stuff. Can't show a pic but the sweater is whizzing sleeve left then seaming and neckline.

I also was working on the Comfort Clapotis before starting the FNWC. I'm right at the decreases, and hope to have it done soon to give to the intended recipient.

I also worked on the finishing gig for my LYS. I need to have that done to bring them by the end of this week 'cus there's more waiting. I have to say, it's not fun finishing someone else's work. At least with my work I know how the knitting was done, and can plan for the finishing during the process. With someone else's I'm going at it blind. Ah well.

Saw my doc re: migraines. He has no clue, but gave me something to help. Luckily I get to stop the other somethings I was on since the car accident, because my bedside table was starting to look like a pharmacy.

Hope everyone is well. For those of you who are in my sidebar, I do go to your blogs daily. Where has everyone been? Blogging is getting very lonely.
posted by Jennifer Lori @ 5:23 p.m.   2 comments
Thursday, April 13, 2006
Happy Passover!
Enjoy these links!


and, just because I love it,

Make sure your speakers are turned on and have fun!
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
I Need To Sit Down
So over the weekend Yannick and I were talking about how we might like to move after the wedding. We were also talking about our honeymoon, which we plan on taking in Scotland. I joked to my mom that the whole reason for choosing Scotland was for the yarn...that I'd be smuggling a sheep home in my luggage.
My mom glared at Yannick and said "You're not letting her bring a sheep home."
Yannick: It's not such a bad idea.
Me: I was kidding, both of you.
Yannick: Actually, it's not a bad idea.
Me: You said you wanted to buy a rental property. We can't have sheep in an apartment.
Yannick: Actually, I was thinking of buying a farm.
Me: We'd live on a farm?
Yannick: Yeah, and you'd get some sheep.
Me: We're going to raise sheep?
Yannick: Why not?
Me: I know people who spin, don't say this if you're not serious!
Yannick: I am serious.

Hmm....I see spinning in my future.
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Sunday, April 09, 2006
OD on Pictures Day
First of all, here's Sam. He's our little boy, our sweetheart, our "furry child".
He's also feeling kinda left out since we left him home alone when we went off to TO and we barely put pics of him on here. S0 here he is.

This is what I'll be working on tonight. I volunteered to my LYS that I would be available for doing finishing work if they ever had any clients who don't like to finish their knits. Turns out they have a number of clients who don't like the finishing process. This is the first "job" I took on, I'll see how this goes (finishing someone else's stuff, not knowing if or what errors they've made) then decide if I take more on. I need to rip the collar then undo the 3ndl BO on one of the shoulders since it was supposed to have been left open and closed with buttons. Then I need to pick up sts and reknit the collar, only open this time instead of in the round. Then seam the sides and sleeves.

Ok, this is for those of you who say there are never any pics of me on here. Voila- a gazillion.
This is a collage my mom made for the party last night.

Let's all pretend that we don't see the dance photo.

This is the progress so far on the Comfort Clapotis. I've included my glasses (yes, I wear. I just live in my contact lenses) for scale. I know I still have quite a bit to go on, but luckily the intended recipient has left the hospital and seems to be doing well, so maybe this will turn out to be a Celebratory Clapotis instead of a Comfort one.

This is some additions to my stash, thanks to the lovely and talented Veronik. She sent along some odds and ends with Mona to the last Wednesday knitting meetup, and we got to pick and choose what we wanted. We were like vultures I tell you, vultures! The blue wool will end up as clogs unless I can think of something else, the reddish stuff will become a short-rowed hat, and the purples will definately become a scarf for me. It's nice and thick and skwooshy. (Can someone please tell me how to spell skwooshy? Not squishy...skwooshy.)

Ok, this last shot is for me, but I'm putting it here anyways. I don't have any photos of last night yet but I really like how Sarah did my hair (from St-Laurent Coiffure on Decarie) and I'm really impressed that it still looked cute even today (don't say ewww, I'm washing it tonight) when I was too lazy to pull out all the bobby pins last night. This doesn't really do it justice 'cus you can't see the back, but Yannick's not home and my arms aren't long enough, and figuring out the timer thing on my camera just to take a pic of the back of my head when no one out there even reads my blog or cares what the back of my head looks like is way too much effort when I have better things to do.

So to Robbie and Jason, if you're reading this, here are pics of me. You're probably not but you're the only two who complain that there are no pics of me, so here they are. To everyone else, more on the party at another point...I've got knitting to do.

To Snarsh...who are you? Do you have a blog? I'm so curious!

And yes, the answer to Friday night's question is: they forgot Canada. Seriously. Entire country. Doesn't exist. Who knew?
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Saturday, April 08, 2006
Highlights from Toronto
Getting into Mike's car with 5 hours of knitting/travel time ahead of me and realizing, right at the exact moment I pull the Comfort Shawl out of my bag that it really wants to be a Clapotis. And that I don't have the pattern with me. Luckily I had a sock to work on.
Laura: Look at all the ducks!
Yannick: Those aren't ducks.
Laura: What are they?
Yannick: They're "arondeles".
Laura: English please?
Mike: "Onion rings".
Laura: I used to be afraid of blowing my nose.
Playing 8,000,000,000 rounds of the "movie" game, where you name an actor/actress and go around the circle naming movies that person has been in. Last one who can name one wins.
Mike (trying to remember the title of a movie): Oh come on...I can see her...with another actor...and they're...acting...
Laura: I feel like we're driving to Toronto.
Me: Um, we are driving to Toronto.
Laura: What? No, I meant I feel like we're driving to Florida.
Laura: They added something to the Doritos and they're too spicy.
Mike: Spice?
(the actor just named for the movie game is Sylvester Stallone)
Laura: Rocky
Me: Rocky 2
Mike: Rocky 3
Yannick: Rocky 4
Laura: I don't know how many there are!
Laura: I used to think the Boy Scouts were something that was invented for movies.
(the actor just named for the movie game is Keanu Reeves)
Mike, Yannick and Laura take their turns.
Me: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Laura: huh?
Mike, Yannick and Laura take their next turns.
Me: Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
Laura: What are these words?
Getting to Toronto and having our wonderful house-host let me use his computer to print off the Clapotis pattern, then not staring while I sat in the stairwell and ripped out the entire Comfort Shawl, henceforth to be known as the Comfort Clapotis.
Playing pool (horribly) with Mike while Jonny jammed on his guitar.
The bar mitzvah in the morning and seeing a lot of family I haven't seen in a while.
Relaxing at Miriam's in the afternoon with most of my family sound asleep (and Mike waking up in a Japanese bamboo hat).
The "out of towner's" dinner at a local hotel that had the Swollen Members' tour bus outside.
(I forgot to take a picture and it was gone when we left).
Also: my 9 year old cousin running around all night saying "I think the Swollen Members are here somewhere."
Hanging out by the pool table knitting the Comfort Clapotis.
(Laura, me, cousin Lindsay)
Group photo!

cousin Lindsay (TO), Aaron, (front) Mike (back) cousin Jonny (MTL), me, Yannick, cousin Neil (TO), Laura
What's that on my shoulders? Oh yes, it's my Tasha Tudor shawl!
Gotta love Noro!

The party Sunday which had an entire casino themed for kids...blackjack and poker tables and the coolest kid-friendly hors d'oevres: mini cupcakes (like the size of a loony), latkas (potato pancakes), and individual spoons of Mac 'n Cheese. To top it all off: dessert was an ice cream bar!

The happy couple at the hotel.
By the time it was too dark to knit on the way home Sunday night I'd finished reknitting everything I'd ripped from the Comfort Shawl cum Clapotis and was actually able to do a few rows of straight progress. Woo hoo!
Got home at night to a very hungry/affectionate/indifferent cat, our home, and our bed.
It was fun to be away, but it's always nice to be back home.
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Friday, April 07, 2006
Where in the World am I?
I was browsing the movie sites 'cus Yannick and I are going to the movies to have a nice, relaxing night before all the madness ensues tomorrow night.

This: is the official website for Ice Age 2 (the sequel to Ice Age).

Please, go there and tell me what's wrong with it. Seriously, SERIOUSLY wrong with it. If you can't figure it out, I'll tell you tomorrow. But really, it's wrong. So wrong that I want to write to them about it.

p.s. We're going to see Failure to Launch. I figure a date-movie is appropriate the night before our engagment party.
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How Sweet!
A client just tried to tip me $10 because I called to tell her that her glasses were ready to be picked up. I didn't accept, but come on, how sweet is that?
posted by Jennifer Lori @ 12:31 p.m.   3 comments
I Want It
Go here and see Mona's new toy. I am so jealous! I'm thisclose to trying to blow up the pic of the directions on how to put it together and having Yannick fake one with parts from Reno Depot. Thisclose.
posted by Jennifer Lori @ 10:49 a.m.   3 comments
Tuesday, April 04, 2006
It IS Spring, Right?
This is the view from my front door. I should be confused...except this happens every year.
Happy Spring everyone!

I had a great time in TO over the weekend. Many amusing things occurred...most involving my family. I will put together a post of highlights as soon as my mom sends me over some pics 'cus I forgot to bring our camera. (Ok, I forgot we even had a camera, and that we would be going somewhere camera-worthy).

I ditched going to my sister's fashion show tonight. Don't label me a horrible sister, she's in 1 number right at the end that lasts about 2.5 minutes, and I've already seen hundreds of her dance and fashion shows. The main thing drawing me to this one was that it is hosted by Jenna and Ethan...that would be 2 winners of the TV show Survivor, and a couple, last I bothered checking. I was all excited until I woke up this morning to rain and a migraine. Plus my online TV guide didn't work so I couldn't tape anything...and then it hit me. I don't need to go to a Jewish youth organization's fashion show so I can see TV celebrities. My mom was in a movie. Technically my sister was too. I was in a made-for-TV movie. My entire immediate family was in a show on Life Network. My brother did a season of reality TV in Australia. My other brother is an extra in TV and actual coming-to-theaters movies. My cousin is a TV reporter. My other cousin works with Michael Moore and other big names. Why do I need to go sit in a crowd and be a faceless, nameless blob amongst others just to catch a glimpse of 2 people who were on TV a few times? I can pick up the phone and call a few such celebrities any time I want.

I'd rather knit.
posted by Jennifer Lori @ 7:29 p.m.   3 comments
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