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I Want to Knit
Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Blogging and Beading and Knitting, Oh My!
I'm sorry for not updating sooner, life is so hectic sometimes! You think you have everything under control, then BAM! something comes out of nowhere.

The movie we saw Saturday night, The Terminal, was very cute. I had been afraid it was too much of a love story and was happy to see that it truly wasn't, in the end. I enjoyed it even though I'm not a Tom Hanks fan. Oh, I've seen almost all of his movies, I just don't think he's attractive and won't go out of my way for him.

Sunday was very busy. Frank, my computer guy who was over Wednesday, came back to finalize everything. He was here from around 11:00 to 1:00, then we had to pick up some stuff for my sister from the pharmacy. God forbid she use my mom's hairspray and not the specific Salon Selectives one in the pink container that smells like berries. Or she'll die. Just die. Oh, to be 17 again.

From the pharmacy we were off to my parents' house. Because Aaron came back last night my mom hosted an open house so all the family and friends who hadn't seen him all year could come by. There was so much food, I should have taken a picture. Skor truffle, caramel apple pie, brownies, cookies, coffee cake, cheese cake, millefeuille...and more, and all but 2 or 3 things home-made. Yum! So much for the diet that day! Ah well, it was Superbowl Sunday, who diets on the Day God Created For Snacking?

From my parents' house we were off to Wal-Mart. I decided that I would join the trend and make some beaded stitch markers. I want to keep some for myself, and send some off as RAOKs for the group I'm a member of. I had the small stash I'd taken from my dad Saturday night, but I needed more so we were off to Wal-Mart's beading section. Voila my loot:

I know you can't see all the beads but I wasn't going to start opening all the compartments. But what did I get? The plastic container that has 5 side compartments each with 5 sections, and a top compartment with 5 sections. It spins and the side compartments come off for use. Inside are all the beads I bought plus the ones from my dad. I still need to go through the stash I already had and add any that are pretty enough. To the right is a 3-in-1 tool, needlenose pliers that cut wires, curl little ends and bend for right angles. Below that is a card with 4 types of bead cord- white elastic, 1mm clear stretch, 1mm white stretch and .5mm clear stretch, 4 yards of each. Moving clockwise from that is a card with 6 beading needles and a needle threader, and finally there's a packet of 22 gauge heavy wire in 12 colors (pink, gold, silver, purple, red, mauve, navy, green, dk purple, black, aqua, blue). I wasn't going to buy the wire, I had wanted to buy metal stitch markers to use as the "marker" part of them, but Wal-Mart only had the thick white plastic markers, not exactly what I'd envisioned for my masterpieces. I bought the wire so I could make my own rings to use as stitch markers, plus the bunch of other uses I'm sure I could come up with.

From Wal-Mart we were off to Pat and Gina's for a Superbowl Party. I had a good time, plus Martine had brought her 8 month old daughter so I got plenty of baby-holding time in. She's at the age where she just smiles and coos at everyone, and she has the largest eyes with the darkest lashes I've ever seen. Absolutely adorable. Once she was napping I got some knitting time in, and finished the back of the first of the 2 commissioned pink dog sweaters. I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks and I haven't given them in yet. If only I hadn't gotten sick for 11 days...ugh. I HATE feeling behind schedule.

Monday morning I had my knitting class, and it was lots of fun. We learned how to knit with two colors in two hands, and we'll be making headbands for practice. We were supposed to start with an easy repeat, but I chose the harder snowflake design. I want something I know I'll wear, plus, when have I EVER started with something easy?

While at the LYS I found some black rubber stitch markers, so I'll be using those instead of making my own with wire for the bases of my beaded ones. I'll just have to find another use for the colored wire. Also, while at my class, my teacher Nicole told me she visited my blog...(if you're reading this, Hi Nicole!) She asked for a picture of Yannick so people can know what he looks like. Well, this picture looks a little funny 'cus I cropped out the part where you can tell why he's making a funny face, but I think it's cute. So here's Yannick's debut (I think) on my blog:

Ok, the pic came out a little huge! :) Oh well, the better to see his face.

Where was I? Oh yeah, two color knitting. I took the needle out 'cus I needed it, and 'cus I'd only made a quick swatch to figure out how many repeats I'd need to fit around my head, but if you look close you can see that I did it! I knitted in two colors!

After the class I came home and finished the turtleneck part of the dog sweater. Here's a pic of that too:

I really like the pattern. It looks like a cable, but it's not. At first I was annoyed 'cus I thought, "why don't I just cable so I can take the credit for cabling?" But, this pattern is really easy. It's a 4 row repeat and I'd memorized it after the first one.

Oh, something cool also happened on Monday: I read the Montreal Knitting Guild's February newsletter and found out that on Saturday the 19th they're doing an all-day event just to get together and knit my Vegas scarves! I think that's so cool! I can't go 'cus I only get a few Saturdays off and I'm saving the next one for the lace workshop with Suzanne Atkinson coming up on March 12th, but how neat is that? A bunch of people getting together for the sole purpose of hanging out to knit a pattern I came up with? I feel flattered. I really hope they give me pictures once they're done so I can create a gallery.

Something else cool happened: Yannick came home early enough to watch CSI: Miami with me. :) He's not usually home, so it was nice.

And why did I only get a turtleneck's worth of knitting done yesterday? I spent the afternoon and evening updating my finished items gallery. It's not complete, and I'm starting from the oldest stuff and moving forwards, but if you go take a look you can see some older crafts I've done.

Now for today. After work I raced home to change into pjs 'cus tonights meeting of the Montreal Knitting Guild was a pyjama party. By wearing pjs I was entered in a draw, although I didn't win. We watched a video on how to turn silk "hankies" into silk yarn, and were each given a "hanky" so we could play along. This pic sucks 'cus you can't see the beautiful, glossy, almost opalescent shades of silver, blue, pink, aqua, etc... but you can see the tiny ball I wound of my silk yarn:

I should have included something in for scale. Just trust me when I say it fits perfectly on a Canadian dime. During my drive home I was thinking about what to do with it...I think I'll knit up a tiny heart and use my new colored wire to weave through to hold it will make a cute Valentine's Day pin, no?

And last, but not least, for today's pictures...while at the meeting I managed to finish my mitten. This means mine and Yannick's are both done.

Now I have to start and finish the two-cuffed thumbless mitten by Valentine's Day next Monday (or by this Saturday when we'll be celebrating). I also have to finish the first dog sweater and start and finish the second. Then I have to do about 5" on my lace sock by Monday so I can be ready to turn the heel with the rest of the class. Oh, and I also wanted to have something done on my Fair Isle headband to show in class.

Think I'll make it? Think I'll find time to breathe?
posted by Jennifer Lori @ 11:06 p.m.  
  • At 8:45 a.m., Blogger Christy said…

    I love love LOVE the dog sweater. Is there somewhere you could direct me to a pattern similiar to that one without cabling? I want to make my baby girl a pink dog sweater like's so cute! Thanks!

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