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I Want to Knit
Saturday, April 28, 2007
because I have nothing better to do

First off, here's a shot of my 9 months pregnant belly. I'd show you one with the belly actually exposed, but I haven't figured out how to erase the stretch marks. ;)

Yannick's working all weekend again. My plan for the night? A cone of yarn, a swatch, and a pattern book that has a 4-to-6 hour pattern. Think I can do it?

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posted by Jennifer Lori @ 9:31 p.m.   8 comments
Wednesday, April 25, 2007
holy cow
9 months pregnant? When did THAT happen?

In baby news: all tests results are in and everything is just perfect. I do have the occassional high blood pressure but my "normal" blood pressure is "borderline high" so the doctor isn't concerned for now, and we are keeping a weekly eye on it. Baby has decided that my ribs would be an excellent place to leave my body by, and has been repeatedly trying to escape that way. It hurts. :] Also starting to have some nausea, headaches and lower back pain but it could be because I'm tired.

In knitting news: I've finished the Baby Einstein but need to go buy buttons on Monday before I'll show some pics.

In house news: I know I need to type up the 3rd installment of the house saga series. I will. I just keep forgetting. We will be moving soon, though, so that's good. Still need to finish packing though.

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posted by Jennifer Lori @ 3:03 p.m.   3 comments
Thursday, April 19, 2007
and now, in entertainment news...

4 hours. This went on for 4 hours yesterday. 4 consecutive hours after 2 hours in the morning with a break of about an hour and a half. I feel like I've been working out!

I don't get it- they say there's supposed to be a decrease in fetal movement in the last trimester because there is no more room. This kid invites friends over and has a party! Even now as I type my belly keeps hitting the keyboard tray because the little one won't stay still for a moment. I think I'm in for trouble...


posted by Jennifer Lori @ 9:30 p.m.   3 comments
slight baby update
I went to the hospital again tonight. Remember that test I mentioned? It was a 24-hr urine collection. Yes, exactly what it sounds like. So I went to the case room to drop it off for analysis (results by Tuesday) because too much protein is a symptom of preeclampsia. While I was there I asked them to take my blood pressure again just to see. It was high. They waited five minutes and did it again. Slightly lower, but definately still high. After much debate about whether or not they needed to admit me for observation they finally said I could leave, go home and rest (ok, I'm at work but I will be going home in an hour for a spell of knitting and vegging time). The catch? I need to go back tomorrow morning. Not to the case room but to the prenatal center (or is it the perinatal center? I need to look up the difference in the two words) where I go for the diabetes clinic. I need to have them put me on the monitors and check the baby and my blood pressure. If it stays normal I get to go home (or back to work, in my case). If it stays high I'm probably having a baby.

Like that news isn't enough to raise my blood pressure!

I'll keep you posted...


posted by Jennifer Lori @ 6:48 p.m.   1 comments
the further adventures in pregnancy (long)
Because I have Impaired Glucose Tolerance of Pregnancy (IGT- meaning my body isn't handling sugars and insulin properly because of the pregnancy hormones) I get followed at the prenatal center at the hospital in their diabetes clinic. It started off at every 2 weeks until they got under control then I got to skip a month at a time, and now that I'm past 35 weeks I have to go in once a week for the checkup and an NST (Non-Stress Test). During the NST I lie on a bed and get hooked up to the fetal heartbeat and contraction monitors and a machine spits out a series of lines (kinda like a lie detector test) that shows the baby's responsiveness and any contractions or fetal movements. The visits take longer because there are always long waits for the beds, but I get to relax and listen to the baby's heartbeat for 20 minutes.

This Monday we had a snowstorm (YES in April) and I had left really early so I got there well before my scheduled appointment time. Because I was early and there was almost no one there yet I got to be seen by the nurse early and then got to take one of the beds while waiting for the doctor to show up. Everything went well, my blood pressure was great, weight was good, baby was responsive. Then I saw the doctor and he asked if I'd scheduled my 35 week ultrasound. I said yes, and that it was in 2 more weeks. He asked why and I said that when I'd called to book it the ultrasound department said it was really supposed to be at 37 weeks and they scheduled it for then. The doctor got really annoyed. Apparently there is a "thing" between them where the doctors think it should be 35 weeks and the lab thinks 37 weeks.

Personally, I agree with the doctor. The reason for scheduling this ultrasound is because when a pregnant woman has IGT or Gestational Diabetes there is a higher risk of having a large baby. This could lead to complications during delivery and a possible need for emergency action. If the baby is excessively large then the doctors might decide to induce the baby early. 37 weeks isn't early. A baby born between 37 and 41 weeks is considered "on time" whereas preemies are babies born prior to 37 weeks. Doing an ultrasound at 37 weeks doesn't have much of a benefit.

To sum up this long story, he wanted me to have the ultrasound now, at 35 weeks. Since the weather was so bad he took a chance that someone would have cancelled and sure enough they had room for me. So it was disappointing that Yannick wasn't there with me to see the baby, but I got to go right over to the ultrasound department, knit for about a half hour while I waited then see my little one waving fingers and sucking on toes. The good news is that the baby isn't big after all. The weight is estimated at 5.5lbs right now, which is smack-dab 50% average. The bad news is that the baby is in a frank breech position. This means the head is up and the bum is down, and the baby is facing my left side in a fetal position (knees to chest). I was very disappointed to find out that the baby isn't head down but figured I'd wait to speak to my own doctor before worrying.

Yesterday was my appointment with her. It was called for 10:30am and I think she saw me around 11:15-ish. I didn't care- I had my knitting with me and had gotten quite a bit of work done on the Baby Einstein Coat. Once I got in to see her I asked her my few questions and then she did her exam. Every time I go I have to get an internal exam because of the contractions- she needs to make sure I'm not going into labour. I'm not. I gave her the paper with the ultrasound results and got my first bad news of the day. Because of the baby's position and the fact that this is my first child the odds are very slim that it will turn by the time I need to deliver. She told me about a few exercises I can try before I see her again in 2 weeks, but if the baby hasn't turned by then, and she's sure that won't happen, then I will absolutely have to have a C-section. I asked her about the "version" I'd heard about, where doctors manipulate your belly to try and manually turn the baby. Because it has risks (like the umbilical cord getting tangled around the baby's neck) and doesn't usually work, and she doesn't think it will work with me, it's not an option.

I am really heartbroken by this news. I know there is nothing wrong with having a C-section. I know many women even choose it deliberately. I know that if I would have been able to attempt a natural delivery and then have something go wrong and force the need for a C-section I would have been FINE with it. But to have the choice taken away from me, not because the baby is too big, or because something is wrong, but just because the baby is upside down is unfair. I really wanted the chance to go through labour and see what it is like, to see whether I could do it naturally, would I need an epidural, what is the pain like, and to actually give birth to my child. Instead a doctor will just cut me open and take the baby out, all clinical and matter-of-fact. It didn't really hit me until late last night when I was reading a pregnancy magazine's article about labour and it hit me that I probably wouldn't get to do it. I know, I know, it's what's best for the baby. It just sucks.

Then time for the second bad news of the day. She took my blood pressure and it was high. Not borderline but actually high. (Could have been from the stress of worrying about a C-section). In any case, she told me she couldn't ignore it and that I would have to go right away to the case room and be monitored and have blood tests and urine cultures done to make sure I wasn't experiencing PreEclampsia. If everything turned out normal then I could go home and see her again in 2 weeks. If everything wasn't ok? I'd have to have a C-section. In the next day or two.

I quickly called my mom to have her call my dad and tell him I wouldn't be at work right away, and to call Yannick and explain what was going on. Then I went down to the case room. They put me on a bed, hooked me up to the same monitors and testing equipment they use for the NST (the same stuff I'd been hooked up to when I went in with contractions back in March). They took about 5 vials of blood and a urine sample. Then they tested my blood pressure again. Still high.

What did they expect? I went in for a routine examination and was suddenly told I could be having major surgery to extract my child sometime in the NEXT DAY OR SO. OF COURSE my blood pressure was high! They took it again about an hour later and it was normal, which was a very good thing. By that point I knew the urine culture was normal but the blood work wasn't in yet, so they ordered me some lunch and I had to wait. My mom came by after she finished work and hung out with me for a while. They came back again and took the bp and this time it was high again, but not super-high. "Higher than they would like" were the nurse's exact words. I asked what the likelyhood was that I would have to deliver the baby based on my current bp and other stats. They said they'd have to confer with the doctor before giving me an answer. Great. More waiting in uncertainity. They came back a while later and did it again and it was still "sorta-high" but since everything else was good they told me I could go home. I had to do one more test for which I'll get the results by tomorrow, and otherwise all is good.

So it was a long day with a little scare and some bad news. But its over, and for the time being my little kid is safe and sound right where it is.

And how was YOUR Wednesday?


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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
its baaaaaaaaaaack
Remember at my wedding (in September) my hair looked like this?

...then when we found out we were pregnant I went and dyed it brown for the length of the pregnancy so that if I couldn't handle the smell of the dyes I wouldn't have to redo it 'cus it could just grow out, and I cut most off it off?
(I can't believe I'm about to post this very badly lit photo of myself after that - in my opinion - very cute brunette photo)

It's back! I went last night and had the blonde redone. I'm ready for the baby showers, and if this kid decides to come before the due date at least I'll look like me in the photos.

You like?

I'm still undecided. I know in a day or so (especially after I wash it myself) I'll love it and feel like "me" again. But I've gotten used to the brown and found it very cute. I don't have any color so I kinda feel washed out without makeup on. I don't regret doing it, but it will take me a short time to readjust to what I see in the mirror.

To Dianne and anyone else interested in the baby stuff- I had one appointment on Monday and another one this morning, so I'll post about all that later today.


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Monday, April 16, 2007
FO: Regia Ottawa Baby Booties & progress update
Ta da! So tiny and so cute!
They're wee!
My hand included for scale.
Project Specs:
Pattern: Christine's Baby Booties, found free online here
Yarn: Regia Canadian Colors sock yarn, color Ottawa
Needles: 2.5mm
Size: Pattern only gives one size. To make bigger, use bigger yarn and/or needles.
Cast on to Bind off: April 14 - 15 2007. I would have been done on the 14th if I didn't get visitors, but the visit was worth it. ;)
Would I make this again: YES. I've already memorized the pattern just from making this pair. They are so fast and easy, and CUTE. Plus the pattern has a nice stretch to it. Great, great pattern.

What did I do yesterday? My mom and I spent the morning going shopping. For some reason I hate shopping when its for me but love shopping for the baby! First we went to Thyme and I picked up a nursing bra and a pair of pjs with peek-a-boo slits for breastfeeding with some modesty. Then we went to The Wool Shop and I bought buttons for the Ice Cream Cardigan set. I'll sew those on later then post another FO here. I ran into Uniprix to buy their verson of baby laundry detergent because we were going to go to Zellers but ran late, and had to be at T.O.M.'s for 2pm. The cake and coffee went really well, Laura and Mike (T.O.M.) were great hosts and had snacks out for us and everything. It was VERY amusing to watch my 19 year old sister play hostess. T.O.M.'s parents were very entertaining and we spent the afternoon telling stories and laughing non-stop.
I got some gifties, which is always fun. My brother Aaron gave me a belated Chanukah/birthday gift- this book. I'm so excited to go through it! The only thing holding me back is knowing how many WIPs I have going on already. Then, for no reason at all, T.O.M.'s parents gave me a gift for the baby! Two little outfits! That was so sweet of them, especially since it was the first time we'd met.
We left there with enough time to run to Zellers before they closed and we did some shopping fo the wee one. I bought a few t-shirts, some wash cloths and a blanket, and my mom bought a few onesies.
It was so late when I got home- I'd left the house at 11:00am to pick my mom up and finally walked in the door shlepping all my parcels at 6:45pm. It was a LONG day and I was zonked, but I knew if I didn't do any of my self-imposed "chores" right away then I would never get them done. I was much too tired to handle packing house stuff, but I could tackle my hospital bag. First things first meant I had to wash all of the baby's stuff so it would be ready and then I could choose the outfits for the hospital and be able to pack them. I went through all the bags of clothes we've been given so far by family and friends, and the few items I'd bought in Florida on our honeymoon when we found out we were pregnant. I pulled off all stickers and plastic tags and set everything out on the table to see what we had.
Holy crap!

This kid has A LOT of clothes! Not even born yet and already has a full wardrobe!

It took me 2 loads of laundry and staying up until 11:45pm to get it all washed and dried, and I didn't even get to wash the handknits yet. Those don't matter so much because most are sized for 9 months to a year, but I want to wash the Alphabet Blankie and I'd left it upstairs by mistake. I'm going to do another load of baby stuff today when I finish sewing on the buttons for the Ice Cream Cardigan so I'll wash all the stuff I'd knit then.

It took me until 12:30am to fold everything and put it away, and since I had to be at the hospital at 8:15am this morning for my latest checkup I didn't get around to packing the hospital bag. That's my chore for today.

Trying to fit all this stuff:

plus clothes for me, clothes for the baby, toiletries and other assorted stuff into the black bag in the front. Thank goodness Yannick is bringing his own bag with a change of clothes and some snacks!

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Sunday, April 15, 2007
I can't commit.
I had 2 things on my list for tonight. Just 2. Start packing my hospital bag, and knit as much as possible on the Baby Einstein Coat. Did I get either thing done?


I got distracted.

I had so much Regia Canadian Colors left over from finishing the Ice Cream Cardigan and Hat set (no FO photos yet, just need to add buttons to the cardi first) and after blog browsing I was reminded of Christine's Baby Booties. The pattern looked fast and easy...I figured I could whip up a pair THEN knit on the coat.


The first bootie took 3 hours. Not long, but I had to stop for supper, and then Julie and Rich came by to surprise me (they knew I was staying home while Yannick worked). After they left I ate my stupid last snack of the day (I HATE having to eat before bed) then cast on for the 2nd bootie. I would love to have finished both tonight, and had I started early it would really have been possible, but it's 12:30am, I'm tired and have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow. I'll just have to be content with finishing them tomorrow. THEN working on the Einstein Coat.

And, uh, packing.


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Saturday, April 14, 2007
when did I eat a jumping bean?
I haven't posted much lately because I haven't had photos to share, and always feel like the blog posts are a "disappointment" if there are no photos accompanying them. At this rate I won't get any posting done, so from now on I'll try to post what I can and just be satisfied with that. I'll throw in some extra links or something to compensate. :)

My dad booked Yannick and Kevin to work all of this weekend and next weekend doing some renovations at the store. Their big plan is to repaint and move all the big units and shelves around to make room for the new units that we're having built, and thusly give the store its first round of major renovations in about 10 years.

This means Yannick will be arriving here at the store at 5pm, just in time to say goodbye to me, and not coming home until Monday. My dad has it in his head that they will be pulling all-nighters to get the work done, because the store needs to be in some kind of working order before we reopen Tuesday morning (most of the year we work Tues-Sat).

I know they'll have to stop tomorrow afternoon because we were all invited to my sister's boyfriend's house for cake and coffee to meet his family for the first time. He, like most of our friends growing up, tend to live at our place most of the time because my parents were always open to having our friends over. The door was always open and food always available. Her boyfriend's name is Mike but that is also one of my brothers' names so for the ease of this blog I'll call him T.O.M. which stands for "The Other Mike". In any case, T.O.M. has his own house so when they are not hanging out at my parents' house they are at his place so there hasn't been an occassion for the two families to meet before. Technically (that we know of) there isn't an occassion now as there are no holidays coming up, they've only been together around 6 months and don't have any special announcements to share (again, that we know of).

Yannick will also have to stop on Monday to be home for 11am since we are having someone come by to measure our house for a new Certificate of Location which we need to complete our Act of Sale. I can't be there since I'll be at the hospital for my semi-regular blood diabetes clinic check up and will have to stay late this time for the NST (Non-Stress Test, where they have me lie down for 30 minutes with monitors on my belly to see how responsive the baby is).

In any case, Yannick won't be around much. Because of this I was planning on getting as much packing done as possible since we do have the big move coming up and we're only about 35% done. (And of the 27 boxes packed so far, I've packed 24 and Yannick has done 3- but who's counting?)

About 10 minutes ago I decided to scrap the packing plan. This kid has been squirming, dancing and bopping around pretty much non-stop all day and I am getting so tired! I love this feeling and will miss it terribly once I give birth, but it's tough too. My body is getting a workout even when it looks like I'm just sitting still. I'm still working, and while I don't always come in bright and early in the morning, I am always here until closing time, 5 days a week, then get home no earlier than 6:45pm to start making supper and pack for a bit. It's starting to get very long and tiring, even just sitting at my desk at work. When I sit for more than 5 minutes the baby settles and my muscles relax, and then when I get up to walk I almost have to mince around for the first few minutes because the baby's weight pulls down but my muscles are still in the "sitting" state and to make a long story short it pulls and hurts. It goes away after I've been up and mobile about 15 minutes but the initial "getting up and walking" isn't fun.

Enough complaining. I am going to turn tonight around and enjoy it. Tomorrow I can finish my errands, go for the meet&greet then spend all afternoon/evening packing, plus I have Monday too. Tonight I will do only 2 things.

1) Start packing my hospital bag. I don't want to accidentally pack (cardboard box) stuff I need for the baby or the hospital, so the sooner I get this bag packed and put aside, the better. I went to the Pharmacy last night to get a few things I was missing, and tomorrow I will go and get the rest. In the meantime I will empty the bag I want to use, pack up what I can and tick off the items packed on my checklist so I know that they are in there.

2) Knit. Quel surprise, eh? A few weeks ago I was at my LYS and picked up some Sandes Smart Superwash wool to knit up an Einstein Coat from The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville. I had started it on Wednesday night and done about 40 rows when I rechecked my gauge and found it much too tight. So I ripped back and will restart it tonight with a larger needle. Some mindless garter is just the ticket for tonight. I'm going to push to see how much I can get done before I fall asleep.

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posted by Jennifer Lori @ 3:07 p.m.   1 comments
Wednesday, April 11, 2007
FO: Sheldon 01
Presenting: Sheldon

Isn't he cute?

Sheldon wears the latest in shell fashions and
can be completely removed from his protective layer.

Oops- you weren't supposed to see the naked pic!
A turtle moon...
Project specs:
Pattern: Sheldon from Knitty
Needles: 3.25mm and 3.5mm as per pattern
Cast-On to Bind Off: I cast on Friday night right before bed and had a finished Sheldon Monday evening. Plus I worked all day Saturday and packed most of Monday.
Was the pattern well written: Yes! Even though some of the techniques used might not be familiar to everyone, the pattern is so well written that I really think anyone can pick this up and knit a Sheldon of their own.
Changes to the pattern: Instead of attaching safety eyes I used a tip I saw on Knit Flix's blog and made some felt eyes. I used my 3-hole punch and punched out 2 circles out of some leftover black felt from the second Poodle Skirt I made last year. Once I had the eyes positioned where I wanted them, I sewed over them with black embroidery floss until the felt disks were completely covered. This left me with perfectly round eyes that have a bit of a 3D effect, plus are baby-safe and won't come off with repeated chewing. ;)
Will I knit it again: Did you not see I called him "Sheldon 01"? I will definately make him some friends.

As usual, these photos and others in my FO gallery on the left. Sheldon's slideshow is here.

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Monday, April 02, 2007
happy passover!

posted by Jennifer Lori @ 11:37 p.m.   2 comments
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