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I Want to Knit
Thursday, December 01, 2005
Happy Anniversary To Me (and Yannick)
Today is our 7 year anniversary. Most years at this point I'm nervous and feeling romantic and wondering what he got me as an anniversary gift. This year it feels so anti-climatic. We'll go out for dinner and a movie tomorrow night, and obviously he loves me if he's willing to go to RENT with me (ok, and the whole marriage thing, too).

Oh, on a separate note: I'm annoyed at Canada Post. No offense to anyone reading this who might be a Canada Post delivery person, but isn't there some kind of protocol? Don't you have to at least ATTEMPT delivery before you can leave a slip on someone's door??? There have been so many times when I'd left for work and found a slip- and I'd been home all morning. That happened so many times when I was off work a few years ago, I didn't go anywhere all day yet apparently the drivers "missed" me. Must have been when I was lying in bed eating bonbons in my negligee, I must have been so caught up in my reveries that I didn't hear the mundane door and Bascombe the Butler was too busy folding laundry for me in the basement. And today the doorbell rings at 8:44am. There are only 2 reason the doorbell would ring at this hour: delivery person left a package, or wants to leave a package. I ran downstairs without even taking time to put on my glasses. I swear all I did was race down and by the time I got to my door the driver was in the truck already, no more than 20' from my door. I ran out into our little courtyard and was waving and trying to flag him (her? I wasn't wearing the glasses) down and all of a sudden the truck drives away. I was HOPING he/she was just turning around so I ran out to the street still waving my other mail and she/he just stopped at the next set of houses and then took off. And then I realized I was standing outside in my extremely thin, old, cartoon character pjs with my hair matted funny from sleeping on it wet.

So my package will be available to pick up tomorrow after 1pm. RRRRR I'm really excited 'cus it's a knitting machine! I purchased a LK-140 that's supposedly still new in the box with the original packaging and stuff, so I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on it.

In knitting news I've had a few items in the rotation lately. I've used about 4 skeins already of my Noro Kureyon to make the Tasha Tudor shawl. I'm using the red colorway and it takes 6 skeins for the body then 2 to go around for the edging (if I calculated my yardage conversion correctly). I carry that project around as my "mindless knitting" for times when I have a bit of time to knit but not enough time to get into a charted row or anything. Until 2 weeks ago my big Winter knitting project has been the Enchanted Forest cardigan. I've finished both fronts and am about 1/5 done on the back. I put that aside too, however, once the yarn came in for Yannick's mother's vest, since it is a Christmas gift and I want to make sure I have it done in time. I finished the 10.5" on the body to the armholes and am now doing the first of the front pieces. I hope to have it finished in a week and a half tops, then can get back to the EF cardi. Or start something new. :)
posted by Jennifer Lori @ 8:54 a.m.  
  • At 1:41 p.m., Blogger Knit Chick said…

    I want to be the first on your blog to wish you a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Mazel Tov, 7 yrs! LOL. I can't believe he's willing to go to RENT! Jamie told me to go have fun with my sister, lol... he'd never see that. He actually made me turn off the CD when I was listening to it on our way out east to visit his sister and he was sleeping. HE WAS SLEEPING! So why couldn't I listen to my RENT? LOL.. I hate CANADA POST. I have the same thing. They say they missed me, but I never even left the house, still in my pjs! UGH! Drives me mental! Never even rang my bell! Can I ask a question? What's a skein? (I am still new to the knitting world)! What does it mean exactly? I am curious to check out what the LK-140, so I'm going to go google it. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! See you Saturday night!

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