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I Want to Knit
Saturday, June 03, 2006
Yannick Sick & Sleeping = My Swatch Success!
I don't know where he caught it, nor do I know what he caught, but poor Yannick is sick as a dog! He left work around 4 this afternoon and crashed. I don't even think he's sleeping at all, as every 5 minutes I can hear him coughing. I tried to get him to go to a clinic, but he's a guy, so... He is taking Advils and NeoCitran (not together), but I don't think we have any cough medicine in the house (well, besides the one brand that can kill him- allergy). He's trying to sleep it off because he has more jobs to work tomorrow, but right now I don't see how he's going to make it. It's all I can do to get him to stop touching every single surface in the house so that I don't catch it too.

After work today I met my mom at the Plaza Pointe-Claire. While waiting I stopped in at the Wool Shop and picked up some of the yarn I need to work my swatches. I had realized that there was a second pattern I'd like to submit as well, but they didn't have the right yarn at all so I'll have to go stash diving to see if I have anything that would let me start right away.

My mom came to meet me in the first place because there was a shoe store that was supposed to have nice stuff, as I need to find my wedding shoes before my first dress fitting. They didn't really have anything that appealed to me, so we both headed our own ways, her going home and me going to the gym.

Once I got home I made some supper, including some soup for Yannick. Since he and his germs are holed up in our bedroom, I brought my tapes downstairs to the living room and settled in with my box of knitting needles, my new yarn, some stash yarn and my knitting notebook.

The first swatch is one to see if some yarn I already have would work for a particular project. I forget if I've already given it some secret code name in the blog before, but I will now start calling it Plunger. So here is Plunger's swatch. It is Knitpicks' Wool of the Andes in Carrot, on 6mm needles. It IS to be felted, once I measure it. As a side note, I have discovered that I love the way WotA feels knitted up, pre-felting. I would really love to make a jacket or cardigan out of it, although I'd probably carry a small square around for a day or so to see if it pills badly.
I have included a CD for scale. Ignore the crappy pinning job, it's late and I work tomorrow, so I grabbed the few pins I could find easily. I'll pin it out properly with my blocking wires before I measure it.

The next "swatch" was with some of the new yarn. I was really disappointed when I pulled out the center of the ball to find the end- someone must have bought then returned this ball, because the entire piece I used to knit the "swatch" was cut from the original ball. As in, I pulled out the center of the ball plus a little wrapped section of yarn that was actually cut. Makes me mad, but anyways... Luckily it was just enough for what I needed right now. This isn't a swatch to test the gauge, rather a little piece I needed to test some crucial elements of the pattern design. I am thrilled to announce that I achieved success. I was actually dancing around my living room, that's how pleased I am! I have included the same CD for scale. :)

Now I'm off to guzzle a NeoCitran of my own before bed. I don't feel too sick, but knowing that I have been feeling a little run down lately, and that Yannick has touched nearly every wall, light switch, door knob and sink faucet in this house, and knowing how easily I catch colds, well...better safe than sorry.
posted by Jennifer Lori @ 12:08 a.m.  
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