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I Want to Knit
Monday, January 17, 2005
Feed working and other bits of life
Thank you to all the RAOK bloggers who let me know my feeds were working right. I'm trying to work out a system to read through everyone else's blogs so I can actively perform RAOKs. I don't get internet at work so lately I've been "plucking" people's blogs with software for my Palm and reading when I can, but I would have to be MUCH more consistent with it to keep up with everyone. I'm trying to instill a time of the morning or night to sit down and read through as many as I can. If any RAOKers have tips on how to handle the bulk, or keep up with everyone, PLEASE let me know!

I would have loved to have slept in this morning, but Yannick called around 9:30 from up north looking for computer help. They were trying to install a shower unit but for some reason they didn't have the installation guide. It was available online, but as a pdf file, and they didn't have Acrobat Reader installed on the computer. I tried talking them through it but it was very hard not to get aggrivated. For one thing, I was trying to direct Yannick on what to click but without being able to see the screen it was a little hard. Then there's the fact that they ("they" being Yannick's parents) have a Mac. I have a PC. I am pretty well advanced when it comes to the PC, which makes me the family's resident "go to" person for computer questions. Let's not get into how much longer I have to stay each time I go to my parents' place and as I'm going to leave I get hit with "Could you just take a look at....." But I digress. I think I managed to walk him through downloading the reader from, but then it took a while before he was able to find where it was saved. Not knowing Mac, I couldn't help him on that end. The one time I used their laptop got me frazzled enough that I almost kissed my PC when I got home. And that was with it in my hands. Trying to help long distance is NOT good for our relationship! He finally found where it had saved but for some reason it froze every time he tried to install it. Unless he selected to install it in Asian. I have no idea. He finally did install it in Asian but when he went back to the manufacturer's website it still said he didn't have the reader. That was the point at which I gave up. Did I mention this took 4 long distance calls? And that it was detrimental to our relationship?

I did manage to head over to my LYS even though my class was cancelled (hence the overwhelming desire to sleep in). They carried the exact same buttons as in the pics for the dog sweater, so I grabbed them.

This is the photo from the book showing the finished sweater (the one on top, Snazzy Jacket with Faux Fur).

This is a (grainy) shot of the same sweater minus the faux fur (hence, Snazzy Jacket). You can see the buttons they used.

These are the buttons I bought.

Not bad eh? I was glad my LYS carried them. I know from reading Jo Knits that there is a huge button store in Montreal, but I haven't gone there yet. I had to go to the shopping center that has my LYS anyways 'cus I had a meeting at 11:00 (so scheduled when I still thought there was a class). I don't want to get into the meeting now 'cus it's something I'd rather keep to myself for a while. But it went very well, and I was able to be home by 12:30 having taken care of everything I'd wanted except go to the post office and return a stylus to Stylus Central for exchange, 'cus I forgot.

After a very nice lunch of nachos I settled into more knitting. I really had thought at first that I wouldn't enjoy a patt based on so much ribbing, but I have to say that I find it kinda relaxing. The patt shows up so much better when it's stretched, but I know it will look stretched on a dog so I don't mind seeing it closer together now. I managed to get to 10", so when I get home tonight I'll be able to cast on additional sts for the turtleneck, which is done in the round.

One good thing is that by working on my Denise needles, I can switch right to the smaller needles without having to waste time.

So I'm off to my parents' house for dinner, but I just might have more progress later on.
posted by Jennifer Lori @ 6:51 p.m.  
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