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I Want to Knit
Wednesday, March 01, 2006
I hate being such a klutz.

I was going to post last night. At first I was feeling blah, both from residual pain from the accident (doc says I need to do physio) and from the cold. I was even debating not going to the Feb Montreal Knitting Guild meeting. In the end I decided to go and was glad I did because I met some new people, learned a new stitch (for a really cool "puffed" blanket) and even got some free yarn! A few members brought in stash yarn to give away (from what I understood) and we were all free to take what we wanted. There was a non-formal suggestion that the yarn be used for charity knitting. Not one to look gift yarn in the mouth (?) I did help myself to some, but almost all of it will be bookmarked for charity knitting. Ever since the hospital knitting fell through the only charity knitting I've done was the Teddy for Tragedy teddy bear. I'd like to do more, and I still have some patterns for baby stuff, so I'm going to use the yarn for that. Only a few little balls will be saved for me, 2 balls of what I think are sock yarn. I'll post a pic in a sec.

I was feeling great (other than the residual pain) and was planning on coming home, adding a few names to the Guild password list, emailing one of the members and then blogging about the yarn score...when all of a sudden...BAM! I wiped out on the ice behind the church and took a hard spill. I slammed down on my right side (thankfully not the left) and hit my knee and my wrist. The bags of yarn went flying and I felt a "scrunch" in my left side waist as my body bent towards that way. Needless to say, once I got into my car and resisted the urge to break down and sob from the shock of falling, all I wanted to do was get home. I didn't even knit once I got here, I just collapsed into bed with a book on Fair Isle from the library. I kept getting electric shocks of cold through my stomach so of course me with my morbid thoughts told Yannick before bed exactly what I was feeling so in case anything happened after I fell asleep he could tell the paramedics. :)

I woke up this morning with only some left-over pain in my right knee (if I touch it), leg and wrist. For some reason my left knee started throbbing so I was very thankful my dad was running late for work because it gave me time to sit in bed with it propped up on a pillow.

After work tonight I went to the Montreal Knits meeting. My cousin Robyn couldn't attend due to computer glitches that were more pressing than her latest craft project. It was a shame she couldn't be there but homework comes first. I DON'T miss those days, although in a strange way I do miss getting graded. It was an easy way to know what someone thought of your work and effort.

Only three of us were there, Karine and Jennie. Karine would have been using the softest pink alpaca if she'd brought her scarf pattern, so instead she worked on Fall-colored gloves. Jennie was knitting the cutest starfish from her own pattern that she really needs to submit somewhere. Jennie, if you're reading this, here is a link to the submissions page of Knitty:

I left a bit early because there was a tow truck ominously honking in the area like he was going to tow everyones' cars. I was afraid for mine so I left. I was looking forwards to getting home, blogging a bit then knitting, when again had another "accident". I was closing my car door in my parking spot and thought I was using my whole hand to shut it. It wasn't until I felt the pain that I realized I was only using my first two fingers to slam the door shut. It's the blonde hair, I'm telling you.

So now I'm just annoyed and sore. I'm going to post 2 pics in a sec, then down a pain killer and go to bed. Hopefully I'll avoid any accidents tomorrow!
posted by Jennifer Lori @ 9:59 PM  
  • At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Robyn said…

    Aww, I really wanted to come, but it's 11:41pm and I'm still backing up files on my computer so that I can reformat my entire harddrive tomorrow and have Windows re-installed. (Windows is erroring and won't let me install the software I use for school!) Ugh. Maybe I'll go to bed sometime this century? But - I DEFINITELY will be at the knit meetup in 2 weeks. COUNT ME THERE - OR ELSE!

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