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I Want to Knit
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy 10th birthday dear knitting guild, happy birthday to you
First of all, a big apology to those of you who get here directly via I'm sorry it appeared as if my blog had gone bye-bye. Apparently my domain-forwarding-provider decided that since they never sent me a renewal contract, I clearly must no longer be desiring their services, so they dropped me like a hot potato. I swear our phone call went like this:
Me: How come my website isn't working?
Them: Because you haven't paid for it.
Me: Well, you never sent me an invoice.
Them: We don't send invoices until after you pay.
Me: If you don't send me an invoice, how am I supposed to know it's time to pay again?
Them: Well, we don't send invoices until after you pay. Your payment was due in January.
Me: How did you expect me to know that you wanted more money in January?
Them: We sent you an email in December to tell you.
Me: I never got it.
Them: You probably didn't check your email.
Me: I check my email about 15 times a day. I didn't get it.
Them: We're sure it was sent out.
Me: Can you check?
Them: No. The emails are all sent out autmatically and are generated by our system. We can't check to see who got them. They were sent in December.
Me: But I never got it.
And so on. Ugh...At least everyone is happy now. They have my money, I have a blog that works, and you don't have to finagle your way here via the address. It's all good.
There was hardly any knitting today, and I might do a few more rows on the Striped Scarf before bed, so I'm saving my row count for tomorrow. Tonight was the 10th anniversary party of the Montreal Knitting Guild, and it was a potluck event. There was so much food! I ate much too much, and knit much too little.
I do have a photo of that Marble Cabled Hoodie thing I mentioned the other day. I'm about 10 rows farther than this, but I've put it aside to try and finish the Striped Scarf instead.
Instead of stripes, I leave you with a tutorial on how to eat toast.

Step 1: get toast into mouth

Step 2: get toast into mouth

Step 3: get toast into mouth
Step 4: get toast into mouth
Step 5: grin with accomplishment (and toast in mouth)
Step 6: pose for the camera

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posted by Jennifer Lori @ 10:43 p.m.  
  • At 7:29 a.m., Blogger Tara said…

    Nice tutorial! I'll be sure to get Maxime to study it intently ;) Question: does Jakob chew the food, or just try to swallow it whole (what Maxime does)? Oh, and what did you order from Amazon????

  • At 9:54 p.m., Blogger Amelah said…

    Cute!! :)
    See i was not crazy when i kept telling it was not working lol

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