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I Want to Knit
Sunday, March 12, 2006
I Don't Know Why I'm Awake
I really don't. I should be sleeping. It's 7:30 on a freaking Sunday morning!

Last night we had a makeshift poker game between my dad, me, Yannick, my uncle Phil and my brother Aaron. I was first out after getting guilted into a hand and losing big (ok, I'm blaming them but still, I'd folded on that hand and got bugged into staying in 'cus they didn't think I knew I had a flush on the table...Kings & Little Ones...wound up staying in and losing over 40% of my chips. Never made it back after that.) I went upstairs to my parents' room and hung out for a while watching HGTV and knitting. I was hoping there'd be some miracle that would allow me to knit all 3" of rib on the 300-ish sts that make up the ribbed band on the Homespun Jacket, because after binding that off and weaving in ends, all that's left is to attach the sleeves, and I wanted to wear it to the knitting meetup today. Instead that will have to be for Wednesday's meeting, 'cus by 10pm I was yawning and I think I fell asleep somewhere around 11pm. All I remember is waking up at 1am royally pissed that I was a) sleeping in my contact lenses, b) still at my parents' house, and c) that Yannick was still playing and hadn't come upstairs to see what I was doing for the last 3 hours. I went downstairs to see and they were still playing strong...although by the look of the chips some people had definately been buying in again. I got Yannick to drive me home then go back, fuming all the while about how late it was and how little sleep I'd get, and how early I had to be up today 'cus I told my cousin I'd pick her up around 12:30 so we can get to the 1pm meetup on time, and I was sure I'd be exhausted. I fell asleep somewhere around 2am, and woke up at 4-ish when Yannick finally crawled home. I didn't ask how much he won or lost...I was too tired.

Which is why it really surprises me that I'm up right now. I woke up around 7 thinking about knitting and once I start designing in my head there's no way I can get back to sleep. I actually got out of bed to come print knitter's graph paper...really, is there a cure for this? :)

We got invited to a friend's birthday supper in 2 weeks, and after shuffling some things around (thanks Julie and Rich for switching the date!) were able to make the dinner. It was touch-and-go for a bit 'cus Yannick had said yes not knowing I'd already made plans for us for that night, so it's a good thing for us that we are going to be able to keep both sets of plans. In any case, I was trying to figure out if I could make the bday boy (M) something since he's a friend of Yannick's and a nice guy and I like the family very much, and wanted to make something rather than just out and buy an impersonal bottle of wine or funky beer. I still need to speak to M's wife, L, today to see if the idea is a good one, but Yannick thought he might like a tuque-style cap, like a beanie. I got the idea of working in some Fair Isle, and Yannick suggested a deer or buck or something 'cus the guy likes to hunt (for food not fun, don't write me). Sure enough my 1000 Great Knitting Motifs or whatever it's called doesn't have a deer, but I think I can make one up myself. Of course if he would prefer another animal or something, there are some really cute patterns in there. (I'm still holding on to my personal judgement about the book that all the motifs are done with square boxes and knitting stitches are not square so I'm expecting anything made from the book to end up squished, but I'll reserve commenting further on that until I actually knit something up and test it).

I'm thinking the hat would be in a chocolate brown Decor I have, with the Fair Isle done in cream. This would be sporty and woodsy, yet can be thrown in the wash with no ill effects. I'm just not sure if I want a simple cream stripe to separate the motif from the rest of the hat, or a little peerie pattern, or a combination of the two. I'm going to sketch some things out and then finalize after speaking to L and seeing what she thinks her hubby will like. I'm also gonna have to get her to surrepticiously (sp?) measure his head. How do you sneak up on someone and measure their head?

To Kai: After all that medical drama (if only I were as entertaining as House!) it turns out there is absolutely nothing wrong. The doc figures that because there is so little that holds your organs in place, the accident and the car spinning and getting hit and stuff probably made everything bang around and the pains I'm getting are just from everything inside resettling slowly back into place. Hookay.... :) (And BTW, if you can knit, you can make that sweater I'm making. Even with all the cables and trees and's still just knitting and purling. Just sometimes doing the stitches out of order. If you take it one bit at a time, it's really not that hard! I promise...go out and pick something with cables. You'll see. I'll even walk you through it if you need help.)

To Jan: You're gonna love the Artemis series. I think they're listed as Grades 5-8 but I think so are the Harry Potter books, so you can ignore that. I'm 28 and looooooooooove them! I do have the Stephen King series, a few of them. I think I have 2 and read 1 from the library. Mine aren't that big, but they are soft-cover so maybe that's why. I remember enjoying the books but got tired of waiting for the 4th to come out. Isn't the main guy Roark or Roland or something? Or was that from a poem? (...something...child Roland to the dark tower came...??? Why do I remember that?) And there was a woman...I'm remembering something about the woman on his shoulders and a door on a beach...but haven't read them since high school or CEGEP, so it's been a while.

To Jenean: If I came to your house to clean up all that would happen is a quick pass of the Swiffer duster and then a few hours of knitting time! I'm SO LAZY at cleaning up! Perhaps I should have mentioned that for the few hours it took me to clean the office on that one Saturday night....the office has looked like that for the last 2 years!

To My Best Friend: :] Glad you got the comments working for you! I didn't throw any books out, don't worry. I just put them in boxes to move downstairs. I told Yannick he has 2 choices- 1) get rid of the useless desk downstairs and build a library for all the books in the house, or b) put my boxes in the basement as long as he builds a riser of some kind to keep them off the floor. We've already had one accidental flood and there's no way I'm letting my books get ruined. I don't know which option he'll go for, but it's been a week and they're still all sitting in the hallway upstairs so I don't think he's rushing to make a decision. And the only reason you read it before hearing it is because I didn't want to bother you by calling to say "guess what...have to have a camera stuck down my throat tomorrow...". Especially since it turned out to be nothing. :p

To Shelley: thanks for stopping by and especially for leaving a comment! I added you to the side there, if you have a blog would you let me know?

To Michelle T: thanks for leaving me a comment too! I also added you to the side bar, and wrote back to your email. (Possibly for the second time, couldn't remember.) Thanks for the compliment on my work. It's slow going 'cus you have to follow the chart all the time, but I'm not minding so much 'cus I know that once the chart is done I have 2 seed stitch sleeves to make, and that can get more annoying. :)
posted by Jennifer Lori @ 7:29 a.m.  
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